This is OMAD: 365 days, 382 movies + one addendum (more 50 days and movies - May, 4)

One Movie a Day:

Another Earth:
The beggining...

Day 1: Another Earth2011

Day 2: Ida, 2013; The Double, 2013
Day 3: Still Alice2014
Day 4: The Yellow Handkechief2008
Day 5: Kingsman: the secret service,  2014; Focus, 2014
Day 6: Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013.
Day 7: The Fault in Our Stars, 2014
Day 8: Timbuktu, 2014
Day 9: Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015
Day 10: Rushmore, 1998
Day 12: Adam's Apples, 2005
Day 13: 1.000 Times Goodnight, 2013
Day 14: Synecdoche, New York, 2008
Day 15: Elsa and Fred2005
Day 16: Troubled Water, 2008
Day 17: The Parsons' Widow, 1920
Day 18: Only Lovers Left Alive2013
Day 19: The Salt of the Earth, 2014
Day 21: Insurgent2015
Day 22: The Salt of the Earth, 2014
Day 23: Cinderella, 2015
Day 24: Furious 7, 2015
Day 25: The Secret Life of Words, 2005
Day 26: Fright Night2005
Day 27: Stations of the Cross, 2014
Day 28: I-Origins, 2014
Day 29: Begin Again2013
Day 30: Ender's Game2013
Day 31: Flipped, 2010
Day 32: Heathers, 1988
Day 33: Now You See Me2013
Day 34: What If, 2013
Day 35: 50%, 2011
Day 36: Les Combattants2014
Day 37: Dans la Cour, 2014
Day 38: Don Jon, 2013
Day 39: Anything Else2003.
Day 40: Predestination, 2014
Day 41 Chappie2015
Day 42: The Lives of Others, 2006
Day 43: Danny Collins, 2015
Day 44: Mr. Nobody, 2013
Day 45: Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans1927
Day 46: Daybreakers, 2009
Day 47: Home, 2015
Day 48: In Your Eyes, 2014
Day 49: Avengers: Era of Ultron2015
Day 50: The Pillow Book1996
Day 51: The 7:39,2014 + Seeking a Friend for The End of The World, 2012
Day 52: Wild Child2008
Day 53: White Bird in a Blizzard, 2014
Day 54: Cake2014
Day 55: Like Someone in Love2012
Day 56: Une Bouteille à la Mère2011,
Day 57: Labor Day, 2013
Day 58: Act of Love1953
Day 59: Lovers of the Arctic Circle, 1998
Day 60: Tangerines2013
Day 61: I Kina Spiser de Hunde1999
Day 62: The Art of Getting By2011                                            
Day 63: Lemon Tree, 2008
Day 64: El Critico, 2013
Day 66: I was Here, 2008
Day 67: Dr. Strangelove or..., 1964
Day 69: Mad Max, 1979
Day 70: Mad Max 2, 1981
Day 71: Rust and Bone, 2012
Day 72: Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015
Day 73: 3 Coeurs, 2014
Day 74: A Swedish Love Story1970    
Day 75: The Age of Adaline2015
Day 76: Altman, 2014
Day 77: Short Term 12, 2013
Day 80: Away We Go, 2009
Day 81: The Water Diviner, 2015
Day 82:  Pi, 1998
Day 83: War Games, 1983
Day 84: San Andreas, 2015
Day 85: I'm Not a Hipster2012
Day 86: The Face of Love, 2013
Day 87: Horns2013
Day 88: The Law of Enclosures, 2000
Day 89: Silver Linings Playbook2012+Les Beaux Jours, 2013
Day 90: Sex Tape, 2014
Day 91: La Délicatesse2011
Day 92: La Famille Bélier2014
Day 93: Les Femmes du 6ème Étage, 2010
Day 94: PS: I Love You, 2007
Day 95: Cursed, 2005
Day 96: Drinking Buddies2013
Day 97: Aloha2015
Day 98: Obvious Child2014
Day 99: Les Amours Imaginaires, 2010
Day 100: The Good Lie, 2014 + Specil Guest: Sense8
Day  101: WildLike2014
Day 102: Ernest et Celestine, 2012
Day 103: Dersu Uzala, 1975
Day 104: Touch of Evil  - restored version, 1958 (1998)
Day 105: Rocco i suoi fratelli, 1960
Day 106: Jurassic World, 2015
Day 107: Terminator, 1984
Day 108: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991 + Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines, 2003
Day 109: Minions2015 + Terminator Salvation, 2009
Day 110: La Rizière2010
Day 111: Pride & Prejudice2005
Day 112: Thanks for Sharing2012
Day 113: Kraftidioten, 2014
Day 114: Restless, 2011
Day 115: Terminator Genesys2015
Day 116: Locke2013
Day 117: While We're Young, 2014
Day 118: The Best of Me, 2014
Day 119: On the Edge2001
Day 120: Inside Out2015
Day 121: The Maze Runner2014
Day 122: Minions2015
Day 123: The Burning Plain2008
Day 124: The Taming of  the Shrew1969
Day 125: The Concert, 2009
Day 126: The Straight Story2009
Day 127: Historias Mínimas, 2002
Day 128: Paper Towns2015
Day 129: Safety Not Guaranteed, 2012
Day 130: Ant-Man, 2015
Day 131: Advantageous2015.
Day 132: Delivery Man2014
Day 133: Detachment, 2011
Day 134: Avis de Mistral, 2014
Day 135: Red Lights, 2012
Day 136: The Dust Factory2004
Day 137: Land Ho!, 2014
Day 138: Barry Lyndon1975
Day 139: High Noon1952
Day 140: O Som ao Redor, 2012
Day 141: A Big Hand for The Little Lady, 1965
Day 142: Oldboy, 2003
Day 143: Bad Words, 2013
Day 144: A Second Chance2014
Day 145: Der Sibient Kontinent, 1989
Day 146: The Lunchbox2013
Day 147: The Truth about Emanuel2013
Day 148: Rapture-Palooza2013
Day 149: The Breakfast Club, 1985
Day 150: Breathe In2013 
Day 151: Paper Man2009
Day 152: If I Stay2014
Day 153: My Life as a Dog1985
Day 154: Brief Encounter, 1945
Day 155: Another Day2001
Day 156: Indiscreet1958
Day 157: Gemma Bovery2015
Day 158: The Invisible, 2007
Day 159: Saving Mr. Banks, 2013
Day 160: To Catch a Thief, 1955
Day 161: Rope, 1948
Day 162: Heights2005
Day 163: Summer in February2013
Day 164: 12 Angry Men1957
Day 165: Strangers in a Train1951
Day 166: The Drop2014
Day 167: Spurce Code, 2011
Day 168: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty2013
Day 169: Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation, 2015
Day 170: Nobody Walks2012
Day 171: Irrational Man2015
Day 172: Your Sister's Sister2013
Day 173: This is Where I Leave You2014
Day 174: Fill the Void, 2012
Day 175: Edge of Tomorrow2014
Day 176: If I Had Wings2013
Day 177: Coco Before Chanel, 2009
Day 178: HeartBreaker, 2010
Day 179: Les Adoptés2011
Day 180: Celeste & Jesse Forever, 2012
Day 181: Blade Runner1982 (2007)
Day 182: Interview with The Vampire, 1994
Day 183: The Man from U.N.C.L.E, 2015
Day 184: The Lady Eve1941
Day 185: Barbecue2014
Day 186: Collateral2004
Day 187: Moon2009
Day 188: Frances Ha, 2012
Day 189: Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?2014
Day 190: Love2015
Day 191: The Journey of Natty Gann1985
Day 192: Le nom des gen, 2010
Day 193: All is Lost2013
Day 194: The Way Way Back, 2013
Day 195: The Flying Scotsman, 2006
Day 196: Elvis and Anabelle2007
Day 197: Frank & Robot, 2012
Day 198: The Upside of Anger, 2005
Day 199: Black Hawk Down2001
Day 200: Everest2015
Day 201: Snowpiercer2013
Day 202: The Little Prince Rich and The      Flash The Last Drive-in Theater, 2015
Day 203: The Second Mother2015
Day 204: Persepolis2007
Day 205: Maze Runer: The Scorch Trials2015
Day 206: Hanna2011
Day 207: Event 15, 2013
Day 208: Before We Go2014
Day 209: What We Did on Our Holiday2014
Day 210: The Martian2015
Day 211: Last Night2010
Day 212: French Movie2008
Day 213: Pretty Woman1990
Day 214: Priceless2006
Day 215: Ain't Them Bodies Saints2013
Day 216: The Intern2015
Day 217: Le Prénom, 2012
Day 218: Words and Pictures2013
Day 219: Elsa & Fred2014
Day 220: It's Kind of a Funny Story2010
Day 221: The Walk2015
Day 222: Best Man Down2012
Day 223: Heat1995
Day 224: Crimson Peak2015
Day 225: Tomboy2011
Day 226: Back to The Future, 1985 + Back to The Future Part II, 1989
Day 227: La Vénus à la Fourrure, 2013
Day 228: Back to The Future Part III1990
Day 229: The Rewrite2014
Day 230: Hideous Kinky1998
Day 231: Sicario2015
Day 232: Vivir és Facil con Los Ojos Cerrados2013
Day 233: Blue Ruin2013
Day 234: You Can Count on Me2000
Day 235: Runaway Bride1999
Day 236: The Last Witch Hunter2015
Day 237: 101 Reykjavik2000
Day 238: St. Vincent2014
Day 239: Wadjda2012
Day 240: Cairo Time2009
Day 241: Spectre, 2015
Day 242: Goosebumps2015
Day 243: Zombieland, 2009
Day 244: High Noon2009
Day 245: Sweet and Lowdown, 1999
Day 246: Turning Tide2013
Day 247: Les Magasin des Suicides2012
Day 248: Lars and The Real Girl2007
Day 249: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse2015
Day 250: Stuck in Love 2012
Day 251: The Pretty One2013
Day 252: The Snow Queen 22014
Day 253: Io e Te, 2012
Day 254: Olmo & the Seagull, 2015
Day 255: Hawaii, Oslo, 2014
Day 256: You Again2010
Day 257: Enemy2013
Day 258: Arabian Nights: Volume 1 - The Restless One2015
Day 259: Taxi2015
Day 260: The Road2009
Day 261: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 22015
Day 262: 5 to 72014
Day 263: Love me if You Dare, 2014
Day 264: Self/Less2015
Day 265: Pixels2015
Day 266: The Hunger Games Mockingjay - Part 22015
Day 267: Leggies, 2014
Day 268: Rudderless2014
Day 269: Ae Fond Kiss, 2004
Day 270: Tomorrowland2015
Day 271: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day2014
Day 272: The Patience Stone2012
Day 273: My Old Lady2014
Day 274: Date and Switch2014
Day 275: The Shining1980
Day 276: Burnt2015
Day 277: Hotel Transylvania 22015
Day 278: An2015
Day 279: Victor Frankestein2015
Day 280: The Visit2015
Day 281: Star Wars: Episodes I, II, II (1999-2005)
Day 282: Star Wars Episodes IV, V, VI (1979-1983)
Day 283: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2015
Day 284: Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi1983
Day 285: Before I Go to Sleep2014
Day 286: Laggies2014 (Again)
Day 287: Bronson2008
Day 288: Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015
Day 289: Playing it Cool2014
Day 290: Amour & Turbulences2013
Day 291: Arthur Christmas2011
Day 292: Tango Libre2912
Day 293: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip2015
Day 294: In the Heart of the Sea, 2015
Day 295: The Clan Macbeth2015
Day 296: Mia Madre, 2015 + Psycho, 1960
Day 297: About Time, 2013
Day 298: 10.000 km2014
Day 299: Big Hero 62014
Day 300: Miss You Already2015
Day 301: Finding Nemo2003
Day 302: Better than Sex2000
Day 303: Alexander and the Terrible..., 2014
Day 304: Victoria2015
Day 305: The Good Dinosaur2015
Day 306: Haemoo2014
Day 307: Love the Hard Way2001
Day 308: Spotlight Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015
Day 309: 18 Comidas, 2010
Day 310: The Hateful Eight2015
Day 311: The Peanuts Movie2015
Day 312: Carol2015
Day 313: Bridge of Spies2015
Day 314: Ex Machina2015
Day 315: Steve Jobs2015
Day 316: Like Crazy 2011
Day 317: Move On2012
Day 318: Joy2015
Day 319: The Big Short2015 + The 5th Wave, 2016
Day 320: Unbreakable2000
Day 321: Numb2007
Day 322: O Menino e o Mundo2013
Day 323: The Gift, 2015
Day 324: Breakfast at Tiffany's1961
Day 325: Love Story1970
Day 326: Closed Circuit2013
Day 327: Looking for Eric2009
Day 328: The X Files: I Want to Believe2008
Day 329: Byuti insaideu2015
Day 330: Waking Ned1998
Day 331: Call Me Crazy2013
Day 332: Requiem for a Dream2000
Day 333: Puncture2011
Day 334: Scott Pilgrim vc. the World2010
Day 335: Annie Hall1977
Day 336: Little Shop of Horrors1986
Day 337: Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist2008
Day 338: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl2015
Day 339: Adam2009
Day 340: Son of Saul2015
Day 341: Brooklyn2015
Day 342: The Danish Girl2015
Day 343: Deadpool2016
Day 344: Anomalisa2015
Day 345: Le Tout Nouveau Testament2015
Day 346: It's a Disaster2012
Day 347: The Boy2016
Day 348: Bianca, 1984
Day 349: Empire Records1995
Day 350: La Messa è Finita1985
Day 351: The Salvatiion2014
Day 352: The Revenant2015
Day 353: Room, 2015 + Pride and Prejudice and Zombies2016
Day 354: Rams, 2015 + Faust, 1926
Day 355: El abrazo de la serpiente2015
Day 356: Mustang2015
Day 357: Knight of Cups2015
Day 358: Trumbo2015
Day 359: Solace2015
Day 360: Creed2015
Day 361: Reservoir Dogs, 1992
Day 362: White God2014
Day 363: Every Thing Will Be Fine, 2015
Day 364: Asphalte2015 + Hiroshima Mon Amour, 1959
Day 365: The Last Picture Show1971 + Another Earth, 2011

Son of Saul, 2015

Interiors, 1978

Starting countdown, engines on:

March, 9:    Equals, 2015
March, 11: Labyrinth, 1986
March, 12: Lion, 2016
March, 13: Barefoot, 2015
March, 14: The Fall, 2006
March, 15: Only God Forgives, 2013
March, 16: Hunt for the Wilderpeople, 2016
March, 17: In a Word..., 2013
March, 18: John Wick, 2014
March, 19: Julieta, 2016
March, 20: The Light Between Oceans, 2016
March, 21: Frank, 2014
March, 23: Rebbeca, 1940
March, 24: Notorious, 1946
March, 25: Boy, 2010
March, 26: The Wind Will Carry Us, 1999
March, 27: Infinitely Polar Bear, 2014
March, 28: Taste of Cherry, 1997
March, 29: Le Huitième Jour, 1997
March, 30: Caramel, 2007
March, 31: The Fundamentals of Caring, 2016
April, 1:     Arrival, 2016
April, 2:     Spellbound, 1946
April, 3:     Interiors, 1978
April, 4:     The Neon Demon, 2016
April, 5:     Valhalla Rising, 2009
April, 6:     Mental, 2016
April, 7:    Elle, 2016
April, 8:    Dark City - The Directors Cut, 1998
April, 9:    Dial M for Murder, 1954
April, 10:  Eagle vs Shark, 2007
April, 11:  Dark Skies, 2013
April, 12:  What We Do in The Shadows, 2012
April, 13:  Midnight Special, 2016
April, 14:  Split, 2016
April, 15:  Demolition, 2016
April, 16:  Sing Street, 2016
April, 17:  Take Care, 2014
April, 18:  The Discovery, 2017
April, 19:  The One I Love, 2014
April, 20:  Life, 2017
April, 21:  Allien - Director's Cut, 1979
April, 22:  Take Shelter, 2011
April, 23:  The Station Agent, 2003
April, 24:  Nuestros Amantes, 2016
April, 25:  Committed, 2000
April, 26:  Les Secrets des Banquises, 2016
April, 27:  Rear Window, 1954

Demolition, 2016


PS: A few words - Notting Hill + A Knight's Tale (May, 3)

Once more, a dare fulfilled!

In this sort of second instalment on OMAD, I had in mind see a movie per day during the time I'd be on a wheels' chair because of a broken knee. It was the best idea. Everyday, a bit discouraged for spending so much idle time at home, I had a reason to make a coffee, seat at the table on my surprisingly comfy new chair, and write my thoughts about a movie. I had a motive to get out of bed, of a impending lethargy, and a good one, I think. I haven't noticed how I've missed OMAD. And I'll cherish this extra time with the blog for sure.

So it came the time I could walk again and,  as established from the beginning, it marked the end of the addendum to OMAD. Despite a not so smooth return to the track , I don't intend to continue the dare. I'm sure I'll be back on my feet permanently soon, and not just for a few (happy) days! So, here come some last words on a wonderful time with my dear blog and the movies that are part of it.

It were 50 films this (extra) time, one per day - initially, it would be 30, but I had miscalculated the time I would stay with my feet on the air :) It started with Equals, by Drake Doremus, a director who amazed me with The Brand New Testament and disappointed me with Le Huitième Jour. And it ended with Alfred Hitchcock and his Rear Window, a film that I just adore and had watched so many times before, but that I haven't seen for a while. By the way, this movie about a photographer who, stuck to a whells' chair, unveils a murder, was the fifth production by Hitchcock in the addendum - the most frequent filmmaker on this dare in the history of OMAD.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Other frequent attendance, as to say, were some good surprises. Taika Waititi, who I first met with the amazing Hunt for The Wilderpeople, had his four feature films in here. Nicolas Refn Winding, who I love since Drive, gave us three of his outstanding movies, and it is difficult to say which was my favorite, each one incredibly special in its on way.  Jeff Nichols and Charlie McDowell I haven't met before, and were both good surprises, specially because of  Midnight Special and The Discovery respectively. Abbas Kiarostami I admired before, admiration that increased with his two movies in this dare, Taste of Cherry and The Wind will Carry Us, both truly remarkable.

It was interesting the way I kept fixed on some filmmakers, watching some of their production on a roll, something I 'm not used to do. This time, however, I saw myself rooked to some genres and the production of some filmmakers, what lead me to stay with them longer than I had thought at first.

The Station Agent
Among these 50 films, seven I'd already seen before, all of them worthy the revisiting: Labyrinth, Rebecca, Arrival, Dial M for Murder, Take Care, Committed, Rear Window. Arrival, btw, I'll see for many, many times.

The most grateful surprise in this second-chance-dare,, maybe, was The Station Agent and its endearing, sweet take on people, loneliness, life, loss, true connection. Other movies as The Fall, Julieta, Interiors, Demolition and, in a smaller note, The fundamentals of Caring were really,  truly special too. However, it is with The Station Agent that a smile comes to my face, always. Both Kiarostami productions stay in a separated category, the one for out of this world films (maybe Interiors is also  a member of this club).

The biggest punch on the face? Elle, for sure, even among Refn's The Neon Demon and Only God Forgives. Paul Verhoeven is not kidding in service, and this is a must-see for sure. I was amazed and unsettled by it, as only great movies are capable of.

Again, as before, I'm truly grateful for the idea of this blog, which gave and gives purpose, meaning, joy to what would be mostly an empty day. I'll try to be equally dedicated to my other daring blog, being aware, however, of how I'm still too attached to this one.

To end things in the traditional (!) way, here's two movies to talk about on this last post.

Without any specific purpose, now I'm allowing myself to channel surfing. Ramdomly, I found Notting Hill just starting, and, as usual, I wasn't able to stop watching it. This movie is so good, Richard Curtis is a master in the craft of captivating, funny, ironic romantic coms. Secondary characters are so fundamental to the story as the main couple, and they're great. The "Ain't no sunshine" sequence is one of my favorites in life. When I saw this movie for the first time, I was so heartbroken. The last scene, the plain intimacy and casualness of it, almost led me to tears. Now, I just smile, recognizing something that was never meant to be.

I was very happy to revisit it, as I was the next day, again looking for a movie without purpose, only to find...

...Another movie that I cannot turn off: A Knight's Tale. I'm always too happy for my own sake when I have the chance to see it. The pop culture references (Foxy lady!), the characters, seeing Paul Bethany for the first time, falling in love with Heath Ledger, James Purefoy saying "take a knee"... Alan Tudyk is so hysterically good here as in Death at a Funeral. Ruffus Sewel is a villain here :( The cast, by the way, it is a important feature to highlight, it is just perfection, as the characters they give us in an interesting interpretation of the Middle Ages.

I think this film was a sort of an oracle, showing us how popular the Medieval period was turning out to be. The anachronisms in the movie refer to that. It also is a way to go against, I think, the idea of a dark age associated to this time - the Golden Years' rendition (amazing) is an evidence of that idea, and another one of my favorite sequences.

A Knight's Tale is such a happy journey. I caught myself repeating the lines along with the characters, laughing at (and with) them as if it was the first time. There will be many others, for sure.  I suggest the extras on the DVD, specially the commented version - it is a great fun, as the movie itself.

Notting Hill. Directed by Roger Michell. Cast: Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Rhys Ifans.
Writer: Richard Curtis.  UK/USA, 1999, DTS/Dolby Digital/SDDS, Color, 124 min. (Cable).

A Knight's Tale. Directed and written by Brian Helgeland. Cast: Heath Ledger,
Shannyn Sossamon, Rufus Sewel. USA, 2001, DTS/Dolby Digital/SDDS, Color,
132 min. (Cable).

That's all, folks. We stop this addendum with the statistics pointing a total of more then 83.100 views, a number that has increasing every month. I'm not sure about this number. However, if only you, right there, are reading this, I'm truly grateful. If you are not, still I'm amazed by this dare anyway, thanking harder days that gave me the idea of sharing my life more closely with movies, an act that has been giving sense to my days and way of living for a long, long time. .

See y'a!