Day 109: Minions + Terminator Salvation (June, 26)

Tó, para tu!

Of course I was there to see Minions with my two lovely niece and nephew. Moving chairs, big screen, 3D images... with the addition of their happy laughs and popcorn and soda. 

Summarizing, it was great fun. 

And the movie? Yes, let's not forget about it. For me, the very beginning, with the Universal logo was already more than worthy. The first minutes, on the historical tale of Minions's journey in the world was fun too. We were laughing so hard. But then came the main plot, things got a bit boring (but not terrible, because those yellow guys are always great), only to resurface at the end, when it was really sweet. By the way, the songs from the '60s are amazing, and I got myself quietly (I swear I was discreet) singing along in many of them, specially with The Doors and The Kinks :)

One of the best parts happened with the theater almost empty, the cleaning crew just waiting to enter to clean the room, my two bundles of joy dancing under the screen, in a funny musical scene at the very end, after the credits. Don't rush, stay on your seat or dance through the cinema (it will be probably just you anyway), and enjoy this whole minion experience. Because it is like that, more than the movie actually.


Minions. Directed by Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin. With: Pierre Coffin, Sandra
Bullock, John Hamm. Writer: Brian Lynch. US,  2015, 91 min., Datasat/
SDDS/Dolby Digital/Dolby Atmos, Color, Animation (Cinema).

PS: My own minions <3

At night, after too much fun, I settled down to watch the last instalment to the Terminator series, at least until next week, when it will premiere the fifth movie. The main memory about this film for me was that its darkness dark and that it was the first time I've seen Sam Worthington on the screen. 

I don't think there's any big problem with Terminator Salvation beyond the high expectations about it, being a Terminator movie. It is dark, closer to the apocalypse envisioned by George Miller that inspired James Cameron on the first movie. It has good action scenes, a plot that makes sense, and finally it places us on the world after Judgment Day. 

Christian Bale's outbreak during the production put a bad reputation on his performance, but he is not bad as John Connor. The events follow the story presented at the third movie, but in a more competent production, no doubt. So, it is not the first two, but it I liked its dark atmosphere. There's some cheesiness too, course. It was expected. However, I'm always game for discussions about humanity, and this one, despite its obviousness, brings an important debate about tolerance and being different. An important achievement, specially on this June, 26, when the US Supreme Court finally legalized gay marriage nationwide. 

A colorful day, despite the dark movie <3

Terminator Salvation. Directed by McG. With: Sam Worthington, Christian
Bale, Brice Dallas. Writers: John Brancato, Michael Ferris. US/Germany/
UK/Italy, 2009, SDDS/Dolby Digital/DTS, Color (DVD).

PS: All we need is love <3 Love leads to tolerance and respect, not prejudices... 

PPS: I thought about posting the audio of Bale's freaking out here, but it is so sad - even if he has a right to be mad in that matter. And it is also not necessary to insist on this, always remembering that everybody has a bad day sometimes. An awful day that we would like to erase from our existence. 

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