Day eighty-eight: The Law of Enclosures (June, 5)

The Law of Enclosures was a hard movie to see on this day. At first, I thought it would help my crankiness by being inspirational and beautiful. It wasn't like that, though.

Scene by scene, I could see the truth in there, but it was so sad and inevitable. How we fall from love to hate in a lifetime is staggeringly painful when we see the futility of it all. How life could have been better, but wasn't.  All hope is lost until it isn't anymore, but only for a few moments in time.

Time, by the way, is a protagonist in this film. Every stage of a lifetime lives in the person at the same time. Past, present, future... childhood, adulthood, old age... All of them in us, all the time, always. That was one of the big triumphs of a too painful movie to watch in an already difficult day. But a good reminder, also, that the moment is now, at every second of our lives. 

And it is so easy to lose this reminder from sight. 

The Law of Enclosures. Directed and written by John Greyson, from the novel
by Dale Peck. With: Sarah Polley, Diane Ladd, Brendan Fletcher.  Canada, 2000,
111 min., Dolby Digital, Color (Cable TV)

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