Day ninety-five: Cursed (June, 12)

Late at night after a busy day, tired and almost asleep, I turned on the TV seeking for an easy yet interesting movie. I got what I wished for in Cursed.

A 2005 film by Wes Craven and screenplay by Kevin Williamson (the same team from Scream,1996), a cast with the likes as Joshua Jackson, Christina Ricci, Jesse Eisenberg? It didn't really matter to me what about the movie was. But it was werewolves. So, I settled myself happily in front of the TV to watch it.

It is terrible, but so good. Go figure. I don't know if all the B-production atmosphere was purposeful, I'm guessing it was. The movie had so many problems being made that it is no surprise that some scenes are unbelievable cheesy. But the overwhelming amount of blood, the bad horror movie's scenario, the silly and incongruous dialogues... It was beautiful. But it was exactly what I needed on this day. 

And I never, ever, will say no to a Williamson's movie with Joshua Jackson, with the not too shabby addition of Christina Ricci and Eisenberg (and Milo Ventmiglia!). 

Cursed. Directed by Wes Craven. With: Joshua Jackson, Christina Ricci,
Jesse Eisenberg. Writer: Kevin Williamson. US/Germnay, 2005, 97 min.,
DTS/Dolby Digital/SDDS, Color (Cable TV).

PS: Kevin Williamson is responsible for presenting Dawson's Creek, 1998, and Joshua Jackson to the World. I was a bit melancholic during this movie, but mostly because of Fringe, 2008, a TV show that I miss a lot, also with Jackson.


  1. Well, I'll always be thankful to Kevin Williamson for bringing to the world what is, to this date, my favorite series. Also, Joshua Jackson got to play one of the most awesome characters in TV history with Pacey. So I guess what I'm saying is, I could give this one a try someday. After all, as you say, its being bad makes it good, so why not. I watched four seasons of Teen Wolf, I'm sure this one couldn't hurt.

    [ j ]

  2. P.S.: the original title of their franchise is Scream ;)

    1. Scream, course... Not Panic at the Disco :)