Day 107: Terminator (June, 24)

I've seen Terminator countless times, but even so I couldn't say no to a special screening on last Wednesday, June 24.. 

I was aware during the whole movie how it is in fact imprinted on my memory and imaginary. Seeing it again, 30 year after the first time, was surprising. Despite it being for sure my favorite film at that time, I haven't realise that it was still such a vivid part on me. Since the first line, "what the hell..." to many other small details, as Reese's head movement when he turns his stolen car were with me still, after so many years. Everything was so familiar and dear. A walk through a true memory lane  and a happy reunion.

But it was bittersweet, actually. A warning that, precious movie it is to me, maybe it is time to stop seeing it. The realization of how its scenes are part of my imaginary was cool, but the story itself and the characters were not so gripping this time. I wasn't emotional even in the title sequence, that never before had failed to move me. Better stop here, I thought,  before it doesn't make sense anymore. I cannot in any way let it happen. 

The movie was a big hit to me when I was 15. There are a few movies that, from a low budged and troubled production, became a cultural hit. James Cameron was inspired here for one of them, Mad Max (another success revised this year and present here on day 69, day 70 and day 72). So, I was not the only one to love it to obsession. If there was a screening, I was there, as many. In my case, there were a few obstacles to overcome, but my friends and I always would find a way to be there. Even in a shady downtown  Cinema at night, waiting for my friend's mother pick us up after ripping the movie stills from the cinema's window... It was an adventurous fixation for sure.

The fifth instalment of Terminator series will premiere soon, and the Wednesday screening was smartly timed, and not only for marketing reasons. It is interesting to realize how many things we take granted today in movie's productions had an uncertain and troubled start.  The trivia on imdb.com about this first Terminator is a curious story by itself. Such as the bit about James Cameron writing Aliens (1986) in his car while waiting Arnold Schwarzenegger to be available to start filming the first instalment in what has been a lasting franchise and ever present story and characters.

Terminator. Directed by James Cameron. With: Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn. Writers: James Cameron, Gale Anne
Hurd.  UK/US, 1984, 107 min., Mono (original release)/Dolby  (DVDr.e-
release)/DTS (DTS HD Master Audio), Color (Cinema)

PS: Another movie that I loved at that time, a couple of years after Teminator, was Day for Night (La Nuit Américaine, 1970), by François Truffaut. In the director's dream, I saw myself in every frame, specially on that night in an obscure cinema on the worst part of town  :)

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