Day ninety-seven: Aloha (June, 14)

Being essentially a contrary person, I don't use to care about ratings and stuff when I choose a film to watch. Nevertheless, usually the imdb.com ratings meet my own ideas about a story. Today, I put aside a 5,2 ratting and chose Aloha for today's movie. 

This rating is not wrong, though. Despite being directed and written by Cameron Crowe, an usual good and sweet storyteller, this film at first is very confusing. Even the smart soundtrack, a Crowe's trademark, doesn't help much. The characters are ill presented - the always amazing Emma Stone is too pumped up, and it is rather difficult to relate to her Allison Ng, despite all clear intentions of turning her an endearing character. 

Nothing makes any sense in how this story is told. And not for being mysterious or else, but for being lousy and hushed and shallow. 

From the middle to the end, things got a bit better. Still poor written, but undoubtedly better. And to be absolutely honest, for me the movie could have just one scene, the silent dialogue between Bradley Cooper and John Krasinski, one of the funnier things I've seen in the cinema thus far.  

Aloha. Directed and written by Cameron Crowe. With: Brasley Cooper,
Emma Stones, John Krasinski, Rachel McAdams. US, 2015, 105 min.,
Datasat/Dolby Digital/SDDS, Color (Cinema)

PS: This is the 100th post on the One Day a Move dare!!! Three summaries and 97 posts about movies :)


  1. That's a bummer. I remember watching the trailer when it came out and thinking this could be interesting. But then I got surprised by its 5.2 score on IMDb and, really, it's a shame... such a good team!
    If the silent dialogue you're referring to is the scene where she introduces Krasinki's character to Cooper's character, I remember rewinding that one a couple times as I watched the previews, it was very funny :)

    [ j ]

    1. It was a bummer, and I was hoping this would be good... but. The silent dialogue happens almost at the end. And it was odd, because for some reason, I was sensing that the other viewers were disliking the movie like me. I don't know, sometimes we can feel that in the lack of a response to what is happening on the screen. And that part was cool, because the whole theater was cracking up, laughing out loud. Because of this scene and some another good ones at the end, I didn't left the theater hating the movie entirely. But it is bad, unfortunately.

    2. But, as I said on the phone, I still think you should give this a chance... maybe it is just my view.