Day 101: WildLike (June, 18)

WildLike is the kind of movie that leads us to reflect about serious things through a delicate voice. At the end, at the final credits, I didn't make any movement, not willing to move. I just stayed there, thinking about the characters, while listening to the nice song playing. The truth is that I didn't know where to go from there. 

So I came here, to write. 

Abuse, abandonment, neglect, desperation... and hope. We go through a lot with the silent and troubled Mackenzie. Actually, she is not troubled by herself. When we read this on the synopsis, we think she has a problem. Well, her problem are others, a neglecting and abusive family and the lack of a place to go for help. So she goes ahead, hoping for a solution, with the beautiful Alaska's scenery as a background. 

In a quiet but strong pace, there's no need in this filme of much talking. We infer each character and their struggle without much explanation. That is a trait of a good narrative and a gift to any viewer. 

WildLike. Directed and written by Frank Hall Green. With: Ella Purnell,
Bruce Greenwood. US, 2014, 104 min., Color (Netflix).

PS: After Iceland, my place to go will be Alaska, that has been in my  travel plans for a while. This movie reinforced this idea in a very convincing way. 


  1. This really sounds like something I need to watch, I'm thinking maybe this weekend.
    Very compelled by your comments on it. And it's on Netflix! Bless :)

    [ j ]

    1. Tell me your thoughts after... This is a simple, but indeed a compelling movie.

      I think there will be many Netflix movies here on a near future :) I'm not sure why, but I never took it too seriously, but now this view is changing. The truth is that I was never one to watch a film at home often. But now it has becoming a habit, with this dare.

  2. Really appreciate this. Thank you, Frank Hall Green @frankhallgreen