Day 359: Solace (March, 2)


On the last week of Omad, I'm trying to reach the movies on a cinema as much as I can (not that it is any different from the usual, actually). On this day he movie that would fit my schedule was Solace.

Here in Brazil, the trailer for this film has being presented by the Brazilian director Afonso Poyart, inviting us to see his first US production, with Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell. As I wasn't able to see the rerun of The Silence of the Lambs (1997) on the cinema, I decided to meet Hopkins in this production instead.

I shouldn't have bothered, though. The trailer tells us all - I don't understand the editing in this kind of promotional clips, it can be really daft.

I've read that this movie was first intended to be a Se7en (1995) sequel named Ei8ht. Thanks t David Fincher, that didn't happen. 

It was a nice theatre, though, with reclining chairs and good popcorn (that I spiced up with some twix pieces). The film is not bad, an enough gripping thriller. But right from the first scene I realised we were on a cliche fest. Robotic performances, lousy dialogues, too much mirrored images. But an interesting plot one that we've seen  before for sure. 

Solace. Directed by Afonso Poyart. Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who was not
mentioned on the trailer, btw), Colin Farrel, Abbie Cornish. Writers: Sean
Bailey, Ted Griffin. USA, 2015, 101 min., Dolby Digital, Color (Cinema).

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