Day 360: Creed (March, 3)


I've read contrary comments about Creed, the last movie featuring the 40 years old emblematic character Rocky Balboa. Some loved his return to the screen, others are really angry about how it is more of the same and a disgrace for the character.

Personally, I liked it a lot. It is nothing out of space, it is a simple tale about a guy that tries to make peace with his heritage - a father that he had never met. About this, there's a line right at the beginning when the orphaned kid says he has no father. The answer is: of course you have a father, you just didn't know him. This seems so simple, but it is the source of so much pain and doubt that extends to the adulthood. 

Creed accesses those issues by a manner that tries its best to avoid the usual stereotypes. There's a lot of cliches in here, of course. However, there's some nice attempts to avoid them too, which is always a nice feature on a movie. 

And there's the main perk in here, for sure: the return of Rocky Balboa to the screens. I loved the older Rocky, a guy that went through hell and carries a lot of issues, but a lot of wise views about life too. Creeds revolves around two myths: the one on the diegetic world, Rocky, and Sylvester Stallone. The fans were anxious for seeing both, and in this sense Creed's does good again. Stallone's face is so contorted by plastic, but when used by Rocky it fits the character accurately. And Sly and Rocky as mentors are great.

I had a great time with this, regretting a bit not being able to reach this movie on the cinema - the small sample of Gonna Fly Now here would have been insane on the big screen. In front my small TV I went nuts, jumping on the sofa like crazy. Maybe I and the other moviegoers were luck, in fact, that I've reached Creed on the secluded environment of my flat :)

Creed. Directed by Ryan Coogler. Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone,
Tessa Thompson. Writers: Ryan Coogler, Aaron Convigton from the charaters
created by Sylvester Stallone. USA, 2015, 133 min., Dolby Digital, Color.

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