Day seventy: Mad Max 2 (May, 18)

So, after the first George Miller's movie, the next day I reached Mad Max 2. It has better ratings and enthusiastic comments, so I was expecting a lot (I remembered anything about the film from the first time I saw it). 

It begins differently, trying to do what the first one didn't: explain the setting of this Apocalypse world and its characters. We  are not put in this world without warning anymore, as did better the first Mad Max. Another difference is the more explicit violence and sex/rape - but still short, as in the first film. The protagonist is yet the car chasing scenes.

There's something to say about older movies. What gets old to me is not the images or the filmmaking or the costume design in itself - elements that we can identify with a specific time. What annoyed me a lot in this movie and sounded (no pun intended) really old was the soundtrack. 

Orchestrated scores were usual that time, and despite the composer be the same from the first installment -  the Australian Brian May -, I thought the placement of music here is a bit heavy. Of course, nowadays it would be a lot of rock songs, according to the movie atmosphere. I know the times are different, but I didn't felt like this on the first movie. The omnipresent musical score got in the way, for me, of the good action scenes. The first movie brought more silence, what was fitting to the desert scenery. Here, there's no space for other sounds than the score. 

Ok, maybe I'm being picky and contrary, it is a prerogative of every movie goer :) But the first movie, being so recent in my mind, still had a highlighted place in me compared to this second one. 

MAd Max 2. Directed by George Miller. With: Mel Gibson, Bruce
Spence, Michael Preston. Writer: George Miller, Terry Hayes.
Australia, 1981, 95 min., Dolby/70 mm 6-Track, Black and White,
Color (DVD). 

PS: The trivia here is great too.

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