Day 218: Words and Pictures (October, 13)

Words and Pictures is an odd movie. It's not here or there, suffering from a double personality. Well, regarding films, we can say that there's a serious writing issue in this history.

The thing is, the two protagonists are very interesting at a first sight: they're ironic, clever, witty, damaged... It is initially very good, actually. Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche have no chemistry as a couple, but they fit their roles beautifully (Owen can be charming and repulsive as as the troubled Mr. Marc), until the personality crises crashed over them. And then what was disturbed and interesting, became predictable, banal, cheesy. A true horror. And a waste of a good story and characters.

I should have been aware of this risk, because the movie's poster gives away all the bad aspects actually... It's dreadful.

Furthermore, the conclusion to the rivalry that moved those two teachers- one about what is more important, words or pictures - falls into the void of a comfortable outcome. Another shame, and a total disregard to the story being told.

Plus the damaged characters at first, I loved the mention to one of my favorites books, and author: Saturday, by Ian McEwan. In his novels, art uses to have a great impact on life, what is very compelling in the different scenarios that he presents by his stories. It was a nice surprise in what turned out to be a very disappointing movie after the promising beginning.

Curious fact: all the painting on the movie were painted by Binoche.

Words and Pictures. Fred Schepisi. With: Juliette Binoche. Clive Owen,
Bruce Davison. Writer: Gerald DiPego. USA/Canada/Australia, 2013, 111
min., Dolby Digital, Color (DVD).

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