Day 233: Blue Ruin (October, 28)

Once more I'm not sure why the movie I've chosen for today was on my to-see list. But Blue Ruin was there, and knowing nothing about it, I put it on the DVD player. 

If I wanted to be surprised, I got what I've asked for - not always a good thing, if you're familiar with the old saying. In this particular case, it was, though, even with all the pain and dread on this story.

Macon Blair conveys so much, it is a one man show. And an example of how an actor builds a person and his whole world without the need of words. His Dwight is complex, provoking disturbingly contrary feelings - I lost count of how many times I called him stupid, at the same time that I could relate to him. It is beautiful see such a ambivalent character.

The quiet telling of a loud plot is usually also stunning to me, and it's not different in here. The silence is followed by a sense of discomfort and dread so big, that we become quiet too. It is inevitable, mostly at the end, when we realize how inane somethings are, even if they look like the only thing keeping us alive.

Blue Ruin. Directed and written by Jeremy Saulnier. With: Macon Blair,
Devin Ratray, Amy Hargreaves. USA/France, 2013, 90 min., Dolby Digital,
Color (DVD).

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  1. Finally watched this and enjoyed it a whole lot. I think it's safe to say, at this point, that Jeremy Saulnier is starting to bring about a very particular way of storytelling, in the way he subverts expectations and mixes up different genres within his stories. I came here because I needed to tell you to watch his latest film, Green Room. It's got Anton Yelchin in the lead role, Macon Blair again doing a very intricate, deep character and Patrick Stewart as the main villain. Enough said. It's hands down one of the best films of the year, and it's not just me, everyone is saying it. Go for it!
    I went through levels of tension watching this film that I hadn't felt in a long, long time. But be prepared, it's quite tense and graphic. But AWESOME!

    [ j ]