Day 224: Crimson Peak (October, 19)

Expectations are the downfall of a movie goer, that's for sure. It was mine on the screening of Crimson Peak

But can anyone blame me? A Guillermo Del Toro film with Tom Hiddleston... How is it possible not to create humongous expectations? 

A traditional Gothic story with amazing visual but lacking in other important aspects, as the story itself. The performances are great, though. I don't need to talk about Hiddleston, he delivers whatever characters he assumes. But Jessica Chastailn is the real star here, she is incredible. Mia Wasikowska is amazingly weird as always. It was funny seeing here in a romantic duo with Hiddleston - they are in-laws in on of my favorite movies ever, Only Lovers Left Alive

There are suspense, of course, but it falls into the void of predictability (and it was definitely killed by my over expectations). It's a ghost story, which I love, but the creatures' design is very reminiscent of Pan's Labyrinth, and don't fit well here, in this Gothic tale. It is horrible and beautiful, but it doesn't have the same Gothic atmosphere as the rest of the art design.

So, at the end, I gathered the empty popcorn bucket, got up and left in an unavoidable sense of disappointment.

Crimson Peak. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro. With: Tom Hiddleston,
Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain. Writers: Guillermo Del Toro, Matthew
Robbins. USA, 2015, 119 min., Dolby Digital/Datasat/SDDS, Color (Cinema).

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