Day 231: Sicario (October, 26)

Denis Villeneuve describes his movie Sicario as a "dark poem". That was my first impression of this movie: the dusty trail in the air is so sharp and beautiful, I was sure I was in front of a strong and solid production. At each scene, I was proved right. Each movement, the constant silence that builds an almost unbearable tension, the somber soundtrack. It is outstanding.

Villeneuve also said that "movies are about movement" - again I must agree regarding this film. The movements are detailed, each action has its reasons. Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin are not kidding here - and we see that the director is not either. They're amazing, actually. It's very serious business, one that led to a deeper silence inside me that brought the dreadful awareness of how lost this world is in its dynamics. That famous quote from Apocalypse Now came to my mind at the end: The horror... The horror. I couldn't barely move during the final credits.

Reading about the movie, I realized that I have two of Villeneuve's films listed to watch soon: Incendies and Enemy. I was surprised to read that he is involved with a new Blade Runner project (with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford... wow). And by what I've seen in Sicario, he is just the man for the job. His images are too good, conveying so much, creating a whole claustrophobic feeling of manipulation, of no escape out, perfect to Blade Runner's dark future. 

One last minute note: How men still think that it is ok to manipulate a fellow woman is revolting. Emily Blunt's Kate is strong, a good agent... And because of that, guys around her choose to manipulate her in a outraging way because of her genre, questioning her efficiency. Another sight so familiar, so sad, so dreadful.

Sicario. Directed by Denis Villeneuve. With: Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro,
Josh Brolin. Writer: Taylor Sheridan. USA, 2015, 121  min., Dolby Digital/
Dolby Atmos/Auro 11.1, Color (Cinema).

PS: I wouldn't be a honest blogger if I'd ended this post without saying how much I love Benicio Del Toro. That's it (I would write Period, but saw the irrelevance of that...I realize how it is a spoken emphasis actually).

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