Day 234: You Can Count on Me (October, 29)

At some point during You Can Count on Me, I've realized I've already had seen a part of it. Mark Ruffalo beating Josh Lucas with one of the Culkin kids in tow... Laura Linney having an affair with Matthew Broderick... I did reckon I had seen it, but not in full. I guess that's why this movie was on my to-watch list.

It is a 2000 Martin Scorsese production, a dark approach to the relationship of two siblings that lost their parents when they're kids. The life of a small town is the background of their drama and struggles in order to lead a life that would have a slight resemblance to normal. If there's such a thing.

I wasn't able to relate to it, actually. I was more curious about the performances by actors that I admire than the story or characters itself. I felt it was pretty dated, missing some of its punch. But it was inevitable for me to see it, and the day was this one. Not a lot of enthusiasm here, you see. That happens to the best movies for sure :)

You Can Count on Me. Directed and written by Kenneth Lonergan. With:
Laura Linney, Mark Ruffalo, Matthew Broderick. USA, 2000, 111 min.,
Dolby Digital, Color (Cable TV).

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