Day 255: Hawaii,Oslo (November, 19)

Rodrigo and me were looking forward to see Hawai-Oslo for a while. We were finally able to watch on this day, under circumstances so confused as the film itself.

It was late at night, we both were dead on our feet, and the beginning wouldn't make sense. The actors are too much alike for us, the story is intentionally confusing. At some point, we decided it was game over and went to sleep. The next day, early on the morning, the film started to make more sense. But for sure it is not its main intention.

I had an impending deadline, so I was at the table working. Rodrigo would exclaim his surprise to the movie out loud. When I finally could see the end, I thought that he was not exaggerating at all. It is really surprising. And beautiful. And a punch.

For me it is a mix between other of Pope's heartfelt human puzzles, Troubled Water, and Adam's Apples, from Anders Thomas Jensen. Two Nordic filmmakers, peculiar views of life and human relations - both not solely dependent on the man's will. By chance, destiny, bad or good luck... it doesn't matter. There's no such thing as strangers, only human beings that are one part of a incredible whole, composed by actions, events, will, faith and what we cannot rationally explain, but it is for sure a essential part of our lives. A true and crazy kaleidoscope.

At last, I must say how amazing the kids are on this movie. They outstanding, actually.

Hawaii, Osloa. Directed by Erik Pope. With: Trond Espen Selm, Jan Gunnar
Roise,  Evy Kasset Rosten. Writers: Erik Pope et al. Denmark/Sweden/Norway,
20104, 125 min., Dolby SR, Color (DVD).


  1. It really is a human puzzle. It's very fun how we can create relations with the characters by the confusion in the beginning.

    1. When I see films like that, I try not to be anxious to understand it all at once. I get along with it, knowing that at some point those people will make sense. Or not lol.

      But we both were so tired, even this strategy couldn't work :)