Day 242: Goosebumps (November, 6)

It wasn't until after I've watched Goosebumps that I was finally aware that it is based on a famous book series. I passed by those books many times on various book stores, but never looked at them more attentively. There's a TV show too, but the same way I wasn't aware of it until after this film.

On this day, I was finally able to convince my niece and nephew to see it with me- it looked really good.  And it is. This film reminded me a lot the '80s atmosphere, in productions like The Goonies and Gremlins. It is sweet, funny, entertaining and even scary - my younger nephew was really scared, actually. During the movie, he would look at me and ask: can we go, please? Of course we didn't leave before the end, but we spend the whole movie with our hands linked, too scared by the story. My older niece, from the top of her wise eleven years, would nod in disbelief, as we were too silly for her sake. Still, after the movie, she told me that she will buy the DVD for sure :)

R. L. Stein, author of the series, makes a cameo on the movie - it is brief, but funny. At the end, I had great time, with two of my favorite persons on the whole world and tons of popcorn, soda and candy. One of the definitions of a happy day for me.

Just like that :)
Goosebumps. Directed by Rob Letterman. With: Jack Black, Dylan Minnette,
Odeya Rush. Writers: Darren Lemke et al. from the Goosebumps books by
R.L.Stine. USA, 2015, Dolby Digital, 

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