Day 254: Olmo & the Seagul (November, 18)

So much beauty...

I've already said here about the amazing feeling of floating on water, under the sun, a light breeze on my face. That was what I felt with Olmo and The Seagull. That and amazement, enchantment, surprise, an immense gratitude for films like this. A gratitude for life, love, art.

The cinematography is so poetic, fit to the main theme on this movie. The creative process is amazing, and it bares itself at some point on the narrative. I couldn't believe. There's things (most things, actually) that seems to build in us until a point when everything makes sense.

At the beginning of this years, I was reading about the creative process in theater by an artist from Brasilia, Rodrigo Fischer, and how contradiction is an essential part of it. After that, I would look attentively to the performances on a movie, thinking about the process that involves creating a history and its characters. It is rather amazing. One movie that called my attention on this matter at the time was Birdman.

After a while, a had the opportunity to see a play by Fischer, with a beloved friend as one of the actors. The process that I've read about was there, incredibly performed, before my eyes. I cried all the time, a bit shy for being in such a small place with too strong feelings. And less than a week later, there I was, crying profusely again. I could feel the same amazement, this time on the movies with Olmo & The Seagull.

The thing is, my views about the performing and writing process changed a lot from these different experiences, that point in the same direction, though. Today's film presented a surprising climax to that perception. Simply outstanding, beautifully done, incredibly alive and honest. As art can be.

Olmo & the Seagull. Directed by Petra Costa, Lea Glob. With: Olivia Corsini,
Serge Nicolai, Pancho Garcia. Writers: Petra Costa et al. Denmark/Brazil/
France/Portugal/Sweden, 2015, 87 min. Color (Cinema).

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