Day 248: Lars and The Real Girl (November, 12)

Joe, my dear friend, asked me about which Ryan Gosling film I would watch on this day (the actor's Bday), and I had any shadow of doubt on my answer: Lars and The Real Girl, a movie that I simply adore. 

It is not easy to the people of the small town where Lars lives to accept when he introduces his doll girlfriend. It is so beautiful seeing how their love for Lars leads to the understanding of what he is passing through. The characters here are surreal, so lovely, especially Emily Mortimer as the tenacious sister-in-law. Patricia Clarkson is also great, so honest (she conveys so much in a subltle way).  Actually, all the characters here are amazing. They are real, almost palpable in their interactions. There's not enough words to say how I admire that a movie is capable of such delicate approach of matters that we cannot easily identify in our lives. 

The cinematography here helps a lot to create the scenario of solitude and inadequacy. The quietness of this movie on the first scenes is something out worldly. Lars small gestures while trying to hide from his lovely sister-in- law reveal how this film is a caring look at life.  Absolutely outstanding. 

Lars and The Real Girl. Directed by Craig Gillespie. With: Ryan Gosling,
Emily Mortmer, Paul Schneider, Patricia Clarkson. Writer: Nancy Oliver.
USA/Canada, 2007, 106 min., SDDS/Dolby Digital/DTS, Color (Netflix).

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