Day 240: Cairo Time (November, 4)

Cairo Time was just what I needed on this day, a beautiful, quiet, delicate journey with two people falling in love. Patricia Clarkson is sometimes what I would like to be, her no nonsense ways, how assured of herself she seems to be - even in moments of doubt and vulnerability. Alexander Siddig is the kind of guy I would be attracted to, only to find, as Clarkson's character, that he is not perfect. He can be annoying, too tradicional about his culture, but he is lovely and charming and interesting anyway. It is not a surprise that they would fall in love in a way that looks so real and close, even in a dreamy scenery in the distant Cairo.

The pace on this movie is sheer beauty. It is not for everyone, though, I guess. Still, it was just what I was looking for after a tiring work day, as I've said above. And if at first I thought this was going nowhere, at the end I was absolutely captivated by this story. A precious gift from the always amazing Magic Shuffle :)

An afterthought: Days 237 and 238were linked by the aloof characters in the movies on both days - Hlynur and Vincent are different, I know, but both are going through life like they couldn't care less about it. On days 239 and 240 the similarity came from female characters being confronted - again, in different ways - by islamic culture. It was an funny sort of sequel, I think.

Cairo Time. Directed and written by Rubba Nadda.With: Patricia Clarkson,
Alexander Siddig, Elena Anaya. Canada/Ireland/Egypt, 2009, 90 min.,
Dolby Digital, Color (Netflix).

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