Day 256: You Again (November, 20)

My baby girl is growing up. Almost 12, she's been telling me about the movies that she's enjoying most on these days. From Coraline, Wall-E and Despicable Me, films that we've watched for more than 4 times on the movies, she went to more teenage productions. Her most recent favorite is You Again.

A very odd movie, I think. With a good cast for this kind of production - Sigourney Weaver, Betty White, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristen Bell, Victor Garber - the story is the same old same old, but with a few nice surprises. There's the expected clown stunts, but the generational approach to bullying is honest and real. It talks about how we have in ourselves both sides of the history: we have our issues about judging others through unilateral lens and being judged by the same way. That's a nice treat in such a simple film.

My niece loves it, and all the time she would call my attention for "the best" scene :) She was happy that I would see it with her and could enjoy it too. We've being watching movies together since she was a baby. Her first movie at a theater was The Polar Express when she was almost one years old. The guy on the box office let us get inside the theater for a while, popcorn in hand. The place was packed and we seated on the first row. A boy near us wouldn't stop coughing, and she looked at him very suspiciously. And after that, she would try to touch the screen with her little hands. It was so cute, and the beginning of a long partnership with films. We usually share a good time on the movies - laughing, crying, commenting... it is always amazing, even if the movie is not so good (more laughs then). 

And on this day, it wasn't different. I was asking her a lot of questions about the plot, and she would look at me with all her knowledge and say: wait and see. In this scenario, the film turns out not mattering much... but this one wasn't the worst, and ended up having a really good time before her final exams. 

You Again. Andy Fickman. With: Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie
Lee Curtis. Writers: Moe Jelline. USA, 2010, Dolby Digital/STS/SDDS,
Color (Netflix).

PS: Talking about Wall-E, I remembered that, on the first half of the movie, when we see Wall-E alone in the world, I was laughing about something, and a very serious 4 years old girl looked at me and said (low, as I've told her was better on a movie theater): what are you laughing about? Can't you see he is all alone? Haven't I said? Cute.

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