Day 246: Turning Tide (November, 10)

Ok, so I really love adventure movies. I wasn't exactly aware of that before omad, but now it is pretty clear. And it was clearer when, during breakfast, I wasn't able to turn of Turning Tide (En Solitaire) even if I had a lot to do.

It was nice seeing Fraçois Cluzet, from The Intouchable, in a different role. His Yann Kermadec sounds so real, it is amazing - irascible as only a french can be. The round the world race on a yacht, alone, is beautiful, suspenseful, we cannot wait for him to reach his destination. It reminded me the time I used to be enthralled by Amyr Klink books. And I'm not sure why. 

It helps that the human relations here are also beautifully depicted. Yann and the many expectations around him during the Vendée Globe makes a good plot and a nice and heartfelt story.

En Solitaire. Directed by Christophe Offenstein. With\: François Cluzet,
Samy Seghir, Guillaume Canet
(always a bonus :). Writer: Christophe
Offestein et al. France, 2013, 101 min., Dolby Digital, Color (Cable).

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