Day 236:The Last Witch Hunter (October, 31)

It's Halloween!!! Even in Brazil, where a patrons on a Halloween party refuses to wear any costume (yep, that happens), I thought it would be fit to see a witch movie on this day. Along with 3 young nieces that went to the aforementioned costumeless party the night before, I went to the movies to see The Last Witch Hunter on the big screen.

Of course I knew it would be bad (my first choice for this day was Goosebumps, but the girls wanted to see Vin Diesel :). The whole thing is a bunch of  worn cliches, actually. And I didn't understand what Frodo was doing there. But the truth is, I was so tired, that I didn't mind the two hours break from the madness that is to attend to three teenagers girls for two days. I was there, almost catatonic, a bucket of popcorn, too much soda and that was fine. The scenes were there in front of me, but that was all I can say about this film. 

No, that's not true. The girls had a great time together, having a sort of a pic-nic on the theater's floor, in front of the giant screen, after the first big party of their lives. With so much fun, the movie didn't even matter that much.  

By this way, this movie is so bad, but there'll be a sequel, for sure. 

The Last Witch Hunter. Directed by Breck Eisner. With: Vin Diese, Tobey
Elijah Wood, Michael Caine. Writer: Cory Goodman et al. USA, 2015,
106 min., Auro 11.1/Dolby Surround 7.1, Color (Cinema).

PS: Happy Halloween!

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