Day 235: Runway Bride (October, 30)

Music is able to make a movie for me. The story is ok, the characters are good, it has a good pace, but what stays with me for a while is a song. That's the case in Runaway Bride, the reunion of the successful trio of Pretty Woman - Garry Marshall directing Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in another romantic comedy.

The film is enjoyable, not the horror that I've read on the imdb.comments. Joan Cusack is there as the eternal loyal and weird best friend, the small town is a collection of cute characters, Roberts and Gere are more comfortable on their skin as big actors this time around, but what made me stay in front of the TV on this morning (and on others times that I find a rerun of this movie) is Miles Davis' It Never Entered My Mind, one of my favorite in life. It overwhelms me, actually. This song conveys so much, it is so bigger than the movie itself, and yet I'm always hooked to this film anytime I see it. 

Well, it would be easier to just put the song on, right? But no, I have to see it in this story. Go figure, because I don't even like it that much. That's me, though, full of mysterious reasons when movies are the subject.

Runaway Bride. Directed by Garry Marshall. With:
Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack. Writers:
Josann McGibbon, Sara Parriott. USA, 1999, 116 min.,
DTS/Dolby Digital, Color (Cable TV). 

PS: Talking about films and its beautiful songs, a movie lead me to buy my first Coltrane album. It was Mo' Better Blues, 1990, by Spike Lee, and the song is Say It (Over & Over Again). I think you'll be able to identify a pattern here. 

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