Day 252: The Snow Queen 2 (November, 16)

I entered the movie theater on this day with the absolute certainty that I would not enjoy The Snow Queen 2. The first movie was blah, and this one couldn't be too different. It was the only animated feature showing, though. And the star here was not the film at all, but the fact that my youngest and super cute nephew was going with me tho the movies for the first time. His big brother was with us, and us three bought a big bucket of popcorn, minions candy and took our places, too happy to be there together. The oldest kid loved the movie; the youngest fell asleep almost immediately, and I just stayed there, with a cute toddler on my arms, having fun also with all the good time the kid near me was having.

The movie is indeed awful, too lecturer for my taste. A story that aims mainly to sustain a thesis is locked on a very small box - there's no room to the story and characters and views to live it. Even if the message is true, as happens here, it is too shackled to a previous idea. It is so claustrophobic, there's no space to dive on the story. However, as I've said above, that really didn't matter on this day. I was too happy to be even annoyed by the awful movie in front of me.

The Snow Queen 2 (Snezhnaya Koroleva 2). Directed by AlekseyTsitsilin.
With: Anna Schurochkina, Okhlobystin, Anna Kilkevich. Russia, 2014,
78 min., Color/Animation (Cinema).

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