26 days to go: Barefoot (March, 13)

While searching about Barefoot on imdb.com, one of the comments told me it was a "heart-warming" story, despite being a little clunky. A little, you said? Totally, I'd rather say, to a point that turned what looked like a sweet movie in a very annoying experience. 

Rachel Evan Wood and Scott Speedman (Hello, Ben, you dog)  I like a lot, specially her. This film appeared to be sweet, funny, heartbreaking, dreamy, in the line of Elvis and Anabelle, It's kind of a funny story, Restless. Me, Earl and the dying girl... But it lead me to a place very far from those sweet and endearing movies. I can enjoy nonsense, but not if it is a flaw in the screenplay. Nothing here is real, tangible, as the best fantasy stories are. The scrip has so many holes that we don't even know who those people are. And all those sweet hippie clothes appearing suddenly in a purse that only carried stripper wear before? I just wish my wardrobe was this volatile. 

Evan Wood brings some relief to all the weakness in this, but not even her could save the boat. Not even J. K. Simmons could add anything good to it. It is nice to see Ben, ops, Scott in a movie, but his character could be just a bit more like a person, and not something created only to prove a point. 

Well, there was one good surprise at last: a song by Of Monsters and Men, the Icelandic band that has been a constant in my days. If I wasn't following all the crazy plots in this movie, at least I could sing along one of my current favorite songs :)

Barefoot. Directed by Andrew Fleming. Cast: Rachel Evan Wood, Scott Speedman,
J.K. Simmons. Writer: Stephen Zotnowski. USA, 2014, Dolby Digital, Color,
90 min. (Netflix). 


  1. You know, I added this to my watchlist on Netflix a while ago, and yet I've been resisting to see it since. I knew there was something lacking in this movie, and now you've pointed it out. It all begins with the script. So I'll give this one a pass.
    Also, I too wish I had such volatile wardrobe :D

    BTW, I have got all the music you recommended to me last time, including Of Monsters and Men. Been having a good time listening to it :)

    Watch Mental!

    [ j ]