Addendum: 30 days to walk again - a new challenge (March, 9)

Hello again!

The One Movie a Day dare has ended exactly one year ago. It has been missed, despite the fact that for a while I wasn't able to get myself involved with movies as before. That's the thing with challenges: sometimes we need a decompression, even from happy chores. 

The thing is, 20 days ago I had an unfortunate event at home, entirely at my fault. I know that people living alone must not climb stairs, chairs or anything else in order to change a bulb in the kitchen. At the time I was climbing the stairs, I thought how I was asking to fall from it and break a leg. Damn pigheadedness that didn't prevent me to hear my intuitive thought. It was just like that: I fell from the stairs, breaking my knee (the tibia). It was scary as hell, to say the truth. One surgery after, the verdict: 45 days without putting my feet on the ground.

The last days has been a mix of pain, perplexity, anger toward myself, a cry for patience, but, mostly, a lot of lot of love and help from my absolute amazing friends.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to give back what they gave me even if I take 5 life times. 

My salvation lies in my friends and family's love <3

Not being Pollyanna, but it is a undeniable truth that we can find such beauty in a time of difficulty. Loved ones, I'm eternally grateful for you all in my life. I love you very much. And I'll be always grateful.

Inhale love. Exhale gratitude.

After the fog from the painkillers evaporated, one idea came to mind, supported by the two special readers of Omad, Joe and Rudd: an addendum to the former dare, a way to have a goal during this sort of house arrest that I'm in.

So,  the last 30 days of recovering will be filled with movies, friends, writing. I hope will be with me again. 

For the 30rd day, the movie was a indication from Joe (to keep the tradition on). Equals has a very unfair rating on imdb, I think. I was curious about this movie, that skipped the theaters here, going straight to DVD. Two of former productions direct by Drake Doremus are in Omad. Like Crazy didn't grab me as Breath In, despite the fact that I could understand his intentions in the first one. 

Equals was a good surprise. I love SciFi, you know that. And I'm not prejudiced against Kirsten Stewart (it is admirable how she has been putting herself out there these last months). She is just right as Nia, and a fit counterpart to the Nicholas Hoult (a long time from About a Boy). Secondary characters are fundamental in the design of a near future where all emotions are institutionally banned. 

It is a common theme, the social control of emotions as a way to prevent disorder. And it is frequent the idea that it is impossible to repress human nature. The very attempt to do so is a violence so unjustifiable as the violence this kind of norm tries to prevent. And love, seriously? How to evade love? Give up, future. We'll continue to be a messy bunch of confused and lovely humans, thank you very much. 

Visual here is great. The pace is a little low at first, but almost claustrophobic at the end. The very Romeu&Juliet plot at one point was a bit too much, but nothing that compromised the whole thing. 

This movie reminded me a little of Warm Bodies: love is contagious. And it spreads itself, sorry folks, nothing can be done to stop it. Love is a cure, the only way to live by in this crazy world. The image of a future that tries to suppress it is a true image of what we're experiencing right now: economic and political issues are takes as a priority over humanity. They're not. There's no justification for not helping millions of homeless humans because it is not lucrative. There's no way of stop paying attention to others or the surrounding for work's demands or the famous "lack of time". Attention, care, love... that's the way. Movies like Equals are here to remember us of that. 

Equals. Directed by Drake Doremus. Cast: Kirsten Stewart, Nicholas Hoult,
Guy Pearce. Writers: Drake Doremus (story); Nathan Parker (Screeplay). USA,
2015, 101 min., Color (DVD).

PS: On TV, the hit has been This is Us - almost at the end of its beautiful first season. I just love all those people, so real that they feel as family already. The news is Big Little Lies, an ambitious series by HBO (reduntant put ambicious and HBO together, I know). It's really scary in how real lit looks. The cast is outstanding, and the story is leading to an assured wow end (one of the secrets I've alredy guessed). Homeland is back for its 6th season, and it has been heartbreaking. I had to alternate it with the always amazing Mozart in the Jungle (3rd season), a sigh for the eyes and ears <3


  1. I love you too Drix. It feels good to do something for you (but mostly with you) <3
    This is Us is the champion for me. But Mozart in the jungle comes just behind. I find both of them really inspiring.
    See you later ;)

    1. Today's film I'll see with you (like OMAD's old times :) Love u too, baby girl!

  2. I'm forever glad to be a part of your love chain! May we always spread it :)
    Happy to hear you've liked this film. I thought you would, as I thought of you throughout the whole film (with some films I just can't help it, like Before you go <3 ). Of course the production design and cinematography are quite amazing, but ultimately the story and characters make this a special one.

    And yes, "Give up, future. We'll continue to be a messy bunch of confused and lovely humans, thank you very much." Haha I support this!
    Here's to a new phase of OMAD! See you along the ride!

    [ j ]