29 days to go: Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald (March, 10)


Finally I found courage to revisit a movie that resided in my memory as one of the funniest films I've ever seen; I remember that the whole theater trembled with hysteric laughter during Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald (Rajio no Jikan), a 1997 Japanese production. 

I was a bit wary at the beginning, thinking that maybe the whole cinema was a bit wrong about this. I was the wrong one, of course. This movie is hysterical,even while keeping the tenderness. The characters are crazy and lovely, everyone involved in the same task of putting on radio a corny love story written by a shy woman, produced by clumsily radio workers, with the impromptu help of a security guard and the not so welcomed help of the writer's glutton husband. And the Japanese cowboy trucker? Precious. 

Man, I laughed, Neighbors must have thought I was having a nervous breakdown. The comedy is a well oiled story about making art with low budget and experience, but a lot of will and creative solutions. It is sweet, extremely funny, endearing. I shouldn't have been afraid of disappointment at all.

The best sound designer in the whole world :)

Welcome back, Mr McDonald (Rajio no Jikan). Directed and written by Kôki Mitani,
based on the play by Mitani and Tokyo Sunshine Boys. Cast: Toshiaki Karasawa,
Kyôka Suzuki, Masahiko Nishimura.  Japan, 1997, Dolby SR, Color, 103 min.

PS:On the afternoon, I was surfing the cable when I saw Erased just beginning. I tried really hard to see it, I like Aaron Eckhart, but I couldn't. Even for me somethings are in fact too predictable.


  1. Yes, yes! I'm in. I want this. Looking for it right now. I could really use a laugh, these have been tough days. And this sounds like just the kind of buffoonery I need.
    I went to watch Moonlight on Monday, as I'd been dying to see it for a few months, and it was a really good movie, but so sad, that at the moment it didn't please me to see it, so I decided to go back to watching comedies and lovely films for the remainder of the month. Better not take any risks. Losing my dog during my Astral Hell hasn't been any fun. So thanks for the tip! I need this.

    [ j ]

    1. That kind of loss is never fun... very sad that you've passing through such sadness. I don't know, I'm a sort of kamikaze. When I'm suffering, I like movies that go straight to the wound. But it is true that sometimes the movie we see doesn't match our feelings. Other time, who knows?, it would fit. With comedies coudl be the same, there's a time for them. However, everyday is a good one for lovely films like Elvis and Anabelle, Away we Go, Before we Go... love in sweet doses <3 as you need!

  2. oh, speaking of fun, feel-good movies, I have another one to suggest that made me think of you: Hunt for the Wilderpeople. A film featuring Sam Neill playing a grumpy old guy, made in the countryside of New Zealand and starring this hilarious, adorable, totally likeable and captivating kid. But seriously, there's not a single character in this movie that you won't enjoy, and the soundtrack is amazing! Absolutely watch this one. Ugh, it's so good!
    Trailer: https://youtu.be/n8Xvsjy57X0

    [ j ]