28 days to go: Labyrinth (March, 11)

One of the most precious memories from Omad time (and there's many) was my dear niece Flavia calling me to ask if I'd already watched that day's movie, because she would like to see it with me. It shows such a care, that it makes me happy every time I remember it. 

The addendum isn't different, I should have known that. On this day, Flavia called to ask if she could see a movie with me. Of course, was my answer. This time, there was some bonus cameos, her super intelligent and dear boyfriend and his daughter, the amazingly clever and funny Ana - the last one had never watched Labyrinth, so the idea was to introduce her to this incredible production from 1986.

We'd such a great time. Besides the wonderful company, this movie never fails to deliver a good entertainment, even if with a bite of melancholy. The '80s are there, visible, but there are some features in here that never get old. It is just the opposite, actually, even if there are cherished memories always linked to it.

One of them comes from my niece, now the mother of one of my favorite kids in the whole world. She was 5 when I introduced her to the movie, and she loved it so much. She had a big crush on Jareth - David Bowie crushing all hearts, the young and old :) The most incredible, though, was how she could tell the whole movie from its songs - the soundtrack was a constant in my room's stereo. Songs that, it's important to add, I could remember from heart, even 30 years after seeing Labyrinth for the first time. 

An older production brings the time of its production, of course. It is one of the beauties of such icons. However, we watch it always in the present time. Surrounded by memories as we are, immerse in diverse layers of time and feelings, we're still in the present moment. Each time we see a movie again, it is very particular. This one was happy, filled of laughter, memories, shared experiences and the joy of introducing a dear film to a lovely smart young girl. 

Not bad at all <3

An afterthought: Today I was thinking in something that came to my mind during this movie's ending. Labyrinth is a coming of age tale, the passage from child to woman experienced by the young Sarah. However, there's an interesting idea in it. While we grow up and leave some of our child's treasures behind, that not means necessarily given up all the fantasy. There's that idea of being a grown up as something that prioritizes mostly responsibility and so, excluding dreams and fantasy. Well, a life without fantasy is no living at all. And this ending sent me to the beautiful realization that Sarah would grow up surrounded by her dreams.

Labyrinth Directed by Jim Henson. Cast: David Bowie, Jennifer Connely, Toby
Froud. Writers: Dennis Lee and Jim Henson (story); Terry Jones (screenplay).
UK/US, 1986, Dolby Stereo/70mm 6 Track, Color, 101 min.

PS: In January, 2016, I talked about Bowie at the time of his shocking death. He is a true idol for me, even more for mixing two passions, songs and movies - some of his cinematographic productions figure between my favorite films in life. While we're talking memories, there's one very dear to me. When I was 20, I went to a trip to a hot water station near my city with two of my beloved friends until today. Returning home, I was on the bus, by the window, listening to Bowie in my new Walkman, feeling like the world was mine. Good memories, lovely experiences, treasured times.

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