Day eighteen: Only Lovers Left Alive ( March, 27 - second time)

Sometimes, I think that we like to complicate things, even if it is controlled by ourselves.

The idea of this blog is to comment about a movie that I've seen - at least one for day during one year. It is simple. But in the short time of 18 days, I was somehow able to complicate the task in my own head. 

The summary about this internal radiohead is this: I usually see one movie more than one time (I told about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind here, a film that I've seen four times in a week at the movie's theater). And despite my ideal attempt of not repeating movies here, it is not an achievable reality for me. And why change that? I asked myself. The habit of choosing a movie a day and writing about it for sure will change and transform my relationship with cinema... but it something inherent to the task. Changing the way I relate to a movie, though, is not my main goal.

At least the poster is different

This long talk just to say that the day eighteen's film is a rerun. The fact is, since I've watched it last week, I couldn't get Only Lovers Left Alive out of my system. And it is still there, so probably you will see it here once more, or twice even... but I'll try to put another movie at the same day. However, that was not possible yesterday. And so Jim Jarmusch, Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston in an movie that is still amazing me are here again.

I'm in fact excessive about this movie. Yesterday, I was showing it to my beautiful niece and beloved friend Mari, and all the time I was like that: Isn't it incredible? Look at that! Aren't they amazing? Listen to this song!!! And so and so. And she tried to be diplomatic, but her response most often was: it is a bit slow, but it is ok. I was dying near her, and she was placidly ok. Well, a movie is not the same for everybody, and I'm usually a bit over reactive about the stories that call my attention. 

I'm still stuck in this movie pretty hard. One thing that I've thought since the first time is that Eve (Tilda Swinton) represents one important feminin symbolism: woman as, caring, wise, linked to the whole universe. There is the other side of woman's nature also, but I'll not spoil it for you that hasn't seen Jarmusch's film. 

I love both characters (all of them, actually, but the main couple is sheer love). I flow in the rhythmic images. I'm gripped by the outstanding soundtrack. The slow pace. There are so many funny and smart details... And the story is still with me, every day and night, getting out or into the dreamland on mornings and nights. Dreaming with the love story told by Jarmusch's unique point of view. 

Some movies throw me into the story at the first scene. Only Lovers Left Alive's opening was one of them. A beautiful and gripping one.

PS: I found a site with different posters of this film, all of them beautiful. 

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