Day forty: Predestination (April, 18)

Predestination was indicated to me by Joe, when he read the post about Now You See Me, 2013. So I put on the DVD expecting a good movie, and wasn't disapointed. The opposite happened, actually: I was very surprised. I not just went to Crazy Town and back, I went really deep in human nature. 

There's no way to talk about it and not spoil the story. If you can, read the least possible about before watching it. It will pay off, I promise.

I just want to say that Fantasy, SciFi, Horror stories can reach aspects of human life that facts only are not able to tell. The non attachment that they have to the obligation of making sense according to reality allows them to go deeper into human nature, the meaning of life and being in the world. British actor Ruffus Hound, in an interview about the TV Show Doctor Who, said:

What I think that makes Doctor Who so special is: the ScFi allows you to look at really human problems but with a degree of distance from it. So the Doctors are able to talk to us about life and death and meaning, what is to be a child, what is to grow old, what is to be different. We are able to understand all of those stories without… in a way that seems fantastic, but that is actually able to define those things that are true to the human experience. 
Rufus Hound on the TV special The Next Doctor: live (BBC, London, august, 4th, 2013) 

Predestinatiion is exactly like that: it adresses life, death, meaning, being human, being one and others... and do it in a formidable way, with a good script and amazing performances (Sarah Nook is unbelievably good). 

Predestination. Directed and written by The Spierig Brothers. With: Ethan
Hawke, Sarah Nook, Noah Taylor. Australia, 2014, 97 min., Datasat/Dolby
Digital/SDDS, Color (DVD).

PS: Ethan Hawke also had a part in one of my favorite SciFi movies at all times, Gattaca, 1997. 


  1. It's true, when you break it down, there's so many layers to the human essence that are portrayed in a smart, intricate way with the help of great writing, acting and directing. Sarah Nook killed it! And it's an Aussie film, shot in Melbourne :)
    So happy you watched it and liked it.


    1. So happy that you told me about it! A big thank you!!!