Day thirty-nine: Anything Else (April, 17)

In front of a Woody Allen's movie, I'm prepared for both this to happen: or I will delighted or I'll be bored and fairly disapointed. So, on the first, I leave the movie theater or turn off the DVD with a happy heart; in the last ones, I simply hope for the next Allen's film. 

Carrying all the love alone...
Anything Else fits the last of Woody's movies cathegory. I can't get Jason Biggs, his beady eyes and bleaky face. Christina Ricci of course I love since The Addams Family (her Wednesday is absolutely the best), but her character is one that I despise in movies - I blame the script for that. Manipulative characters can also be split in two kinds: the ones that are really good, and we hate them for so much sense they made, and the ones that are silly written, so much that the whole story is comporomised. That got me at Synecdoche, New York and at Anything Else too. It is so anoying, that I only hope the movie ends in order to get rid of this nonsense, and I usually understand nonsense. But, like madness, they also can be divided in two types, and the one that was chosen for Woody's movie spoiled it for me.

And it was a shame, because Biggs and Woody's relationship in the story is sweet and accurate (even if the dreadful performance that Biggs gives us lets the impression that he would like to be anyplace but there). The whole movie could focus just in their friendship and it would be amazing, but the silliness got a hold of it and blurred all the good things. Something that happens in cinema, though. Like anything else. 

(Sorry the pun, it was irresistible).

Anything Else. Directed and written by Woody Allen. With: Jason Biggs, Woody
Allen, Christina Ricci. US/France/UK, 2003, 108 min., DTS, Color (DVD).

PS: There are some huge gaps on my cinematography, and many Woody Allen's movies are on this gigantic hole. One of them was Manhattan, 1979, and I got to see it because of one of my favorite films in life. the Argentinean Medianeras, 2011.The two cute main characters watch it alone, each one in their own flat, crying at the final scene. They share a moment withouth knowing it. It is so devastating beautiful that I rented the DVD, and I was amazed. Some older productions can explain why director as Allen and Scorsese are considered geniuses. Manhattan was one of the most outstanding things that I have seen, and I have the feeling that I'm going to meet many more amazing surprises on my quest to diminish the big movie gap in my life. 

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