Day thirty: Ender's Game (April, 8)

Still tired from a lot of work to a deadline job, I didn't think too hard when, at night, I finaly got time to see the movie of the day.

The poster is prett good, actually...
Behind all that, it is just a kid
I've read Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game some time ago and couldn't remember small details of the story. But I'm pretty sure that Gavin Hood changed a lot of the original facts in his movie.  What is usual at an adaptation.

However, what  did draw my attention was how the film dropped down the intensit of the story. One of the main features in it is the violence of taking out a kid from his home to study war games in a spaceship isolated from everything but training. How scared Ender was, how he had to find ways to survive in this environment is diminished in the movie, and Ender end up being an arrogant character for whom everything is given by an inate talent. He annoyed me even. And for all that, the crushing ending is also less than the one in the book. 

Of course, the visuals are great, the fights are amazing. But I dont't even have to state the obvious (I'll do it anyway): all those beautiful and great games and space's scenes are nothing without the painfull story that give it all the meaning. 

Ender's Game. Direct by Gavin Hood. With: Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford,
Hailee Steinfeld
(she is here again, still amazing). Writer: Gavin Hood from
the novel by Orson Scott Card. US, 2013, 116 min., Dolby Digital/Datasat/
Dolby Atmos/Auro 11.1, Color (DVD).


  1. So, once again we draw an adaptation that makes the story a little softer, eh?

    1. Yep. Too soft, actualy. It is like movie's viewers couldn't take the punch, lol