Day thirty-seven: Dans la Cour (April, 15)

During the whole duration of In the Courtyard (Dans la Cour), the thing that most called my attention was Catherine Deneuve's face. I couldn't stop thinking how a plastic surgery can change an actor in ways that are irreversible. Her case is not so drastic as René Zellewegher or Meg Ryan, or even Nicole Kidman and her no moving forehead, but, for me, that woman on the screen was not the beautiful actress that I admire.

The movie's plot sounds perfect: a Parisian courtyard and the life of people that live around it, beginning by the caretaker, a depressed musician that cannot find his place in the world he knows anymore. The people that he meet in his new job are lost in their own ways too, and so new connections are made. That should be heartwarming and inspiring. However, it was not like that for me. 

I think the execution is too heavy, and it does not allow the characters to develop as real. My interaction with them was purely rational; I could think how was sad to live that way, but couldn't feel it. And so, I left the theater almost like I've entered it, only a bit more tired than I was at first. 

In the Courtyard (Dans la Cour). Directed by Pierre Salvadori. With: Catherine
Deneuve, Gustave Kerven, Féodor Atkine. Writers: Pierre Salvadori and
David Léotard. France, 2014, 97 min., Dolby, Color (Cinema). 

PS: Daredevil, 2015 - season 1, episodes 9 and 10. This TV show, about my favorite Marvel character, is a really good adaptation, thanks God. After the silly 2003's movie, Daredevil deserved a good chance in images and sounds :)

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