Day thirty-two: Heathers (April, 10)

Greetings and salutations!!!

My mind plays some not-so-nice tricks sometimes... I could swear that I've read a book in which the main character's favorite movie was Heathers, and I could also swear that this book was Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell (the author of my super beloved Eleanor & Park). However, when I looked into it to seek the reference, I only found this:

I couldn’t torch Kiley’s dress—not yet, I won’t even get it for 10 to 12 weeks—but I have a whole closet full of dead dresses. Prom dresses. Bridesmaid dresses. I was all prepared to scoop them up in big fluffy armfuls and throw them into the Dumpster outside my building. I was going to light a cigarette in their flames, like I was the cool girl in Heathers …
But I couldn’t. Because I’m not that girl. I’m not the Winona Ryder character in any movie. Jo from Little Women, just for example, never would have started laying all those dresses out on her bed and trying them on, one by one …
Attachments - Rainbow Rowell, p. 27 (Ebook).

Well, that character is somewhere in one of the many books and movies that I've seen the last couple of years... and it led me to seek this 80's cult film that I've never heard of before that. 

And why was that is still a mystery... I liked Winona Ryder a lot during the 80's and 90's... I've seen the majority of today's cultuated 80's movies... So, it was a serious lapse, one that I tryied to correct in the thirty-two day of the One Movie a Day dare.  

Am I becoming too sensitive? Because Heathers is classified as a dark comedy, but it is kind of a horror movie actually. A fierce, sarcastic, funny, smart horror film. Some lines are witty, very inteligent, and some are quoted frequently. It has the irony we use to see in some of most recent Michael Lehmann's works (He is credit as a director in some of the most acid present TV shows as Nurse Jackie, Dexter, True Blood, AHS (that I hate, by the way) House of Lies). Winona in her best, Shannen Doherty is insanely good, and Christian Slater is the every girl's rebel guy dream... until he is not. 

How very :)

Heathers. Directed by Michael Lehmann. With: WInona Ryder, Christian Slater,
Shannen Doherty. Writer: Daniel Waters. US, 1988, 103 min., Mono, Color (DVD).

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