Day twenty-six: Fright Night (April, 4)

Oh, Saturday nights. A bowl of popcorn, tons of diet coke, some candy and, of course, a (almost) horror movie. The perfect entertainment.

I've seen the first Fright Night at the movie theater in 1985 with my good old friend Pan. It is a funny film, but with crescent suspense. A funny scary vampire movie. Sometimes, we were so scared that Pan squeezed my hand so tightly that I thought it would break. For real. After that, as good pre-nerds teens we were, we used to quote the movie and talk about it a lot, usually laughing with the remembrence of a good time spent at the movies when we were younger. 

Pan and I tried to see the remake, but we missed it. And after waiting for too long for an opportunity to watch it together at DVD, yesterday, in a desperately need of a light movie, I put Fright Night 2005 on the TV, and I had an awfully good time with it.

By what I remember, the first movie was scarier (or I was simply younger), more suspenseful. In this one, it seemed like there was a gap between the introduction and the action part - transitions looked more subtle on the first movie. I can understand it - thirty years ago, the pace was different. But I think there was a way to make it more smoothly, and less hurried.

There is a thrilling surprise casting at the movie, one that made it so more entertaining. Whops, I mean, there are two cameos - the second, an homage to a good old movie and one of my early crushes at the movies. 

Fright Night. Directed by Craig Gillespie. With: Anton Yelchin, Collin Farrel,
Imogen Poots. Writer: Martin Noxon from the story by Tom Holland. US, 2005,
106 min.,  Dolby Digital/DTS, Color (DVD).

PS: Fragments: Son of The Bride (El Hijo de la Novia, 2001) - Ricardo Darin, in one of his first important roles; The Fault in Our Stars, 2014 (it is a hit in Cable TV nowadays... Not that I'm complaining).

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