8 days to go: The Fundamentals of Caring (March, 31)

I've  coming across The Fundamentals of Caring on Netflix from a time now, and it never really called my name until this day. It looked like an interesting movie, with a good rating and all, but I was still unsure about it. At the end, it was a lot what I've expected, with the plus that it is really a captivating story about a difficult subject, never falling in the trap of easy sentimentalism.

Based on the novel The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, by Jonathan Evison, this movie is another little gem, a fit company to Caramel. They're different, but revolve around the same subject: life and the messed up living creatures. Here its around mostly two guys, damaged in their own way. They met, their connecting is not very promising at first, but we know things we'll change. They're both disillusioned, bitter, hopeless, despite still kicking hard. 

There's no way not to love Trevor, he is the kind of character that always gets to me immediately. Serena Gomez is a nice and unexpected quirky cameo. Paul Rudd is, well, himself, which is always a perk. All strays dogs in life, of course they recognize in each other kindred spirits, even if their journey is particular and their own - and it is not a metaphor for life? Something are always our own to struggle with, even in the company of suchlike souls.

The Fundamentals of Caring. Directed and written by rob Burnet, based on the
novel by Jonathan Evison. Cast: Craig Roberts, Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez.
USA, 2016, Color, 97 min. (Netlix).

PS: I'm writing this post, as the one about Caramel, while it's on the match of Federer vs. Nadal in Miami. It is the only way by which I don't have a heart attack while these two geniuses are playing. Go Federer! You're almost there <3 Match point... and it's ACE!!! Game, set, Match! Thanks, Omad, for keeping me sane. What a player, what an example - so humble. Love you, Rog. What a privilege to see you play.

PPS: Trevor, how I envy your electric wheel chair...


  1. Ah this sounds like a nice little piece. Netflix has been doing a great job at it, hasn't it? Also, I love Paul Rudd, I could watch that man do anything really.

    I'll give this one a try one of these days. The way you described the plot made me think of another nice one I watched on Netflix called Burn burn burn. Have a look when you're feeling like a movie such as this. But in that one, the story focus on two girls looking for meaning in life. I'll just say that, the rest will make it all worthy.

    [ j ]

  2. Burn Burn Burn looks great! I'll reach it soon, my friend :)