Demolition (April, 15)

It is very rare, out of the more artistic circuit, to see a movie expose with such accuracy the ugly business of loss and pain. Demolition does that beautifully, through the journey of a guy that had no idea what he was or had until he lost it. 

Jean-Marc Vallée had already touched important matters with Big Little Lies. And Wild (let's not forget). And C.R.A.Z.Y. of course (what I said above about more artistic productions?). He is establishing himself in more mainstream medium with the same care and heart from some of his earliest features. On TV, it is the same. So it is not too much to say that we could expect (damn) amazing things from him in the near future.

I gotta say that I would like to be a part of the demolition Davis is forced to face up when his world crumbles, but he is still too delusional to admit it. His life had assumed a certain pattern that was very effective to part him from himself and the people he loved. He was detached, until the true detachment came, forcing him to demolish all the walls and superficial feelings he had around him in order to not live and feel and suffer. How many times life does that to us? And will keep going, until we are strong enough to do this sort of demolition freely.

I love the sound of glass breaking. Things shattering with no way back. We should demolish all the protections we erect since childhood in order to survive. We're older, stronger than the kids we were, even if still too fragile sometimes. But we can face it up front. Ask Denis, he'll tell it is a gigantic effort, but one worthy of ourselves and the people we meet on this fundamental journey.

Thanks again, Dear Joe.

Demolition. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallèe. Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts,
Judah Lewis. Writer: Bryan Sipe. USA, 2016, Dolby Digital, Color, 101 m

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