The One I Love (April, 19)

What a fun, suspenseful, interesting movie.

Without knowing, I reached the second Charlie McDowell film in a roll with The One I Love. It is his debut in features, another unusual sci-fi partnership with writer Justin Lader. It was also another shot in the dark for me on Netflix, on a day that I wasn't in the mood anything.

This film was a good fit for me since the beginning. It is ironic, the characters are complex without the need of giving out much - the marvels of a good actor directing and acting, of course. Mark Duplass (also the producer with his brother) and Elizabeth Moss are convincing as a couple, and I had controversial feeling towards them. They feel close to us, despite the distance we're looking at them. We know bizarre is coming, but even so what they go through their relationship is the ordinary issues of a couple that is trying to get back their old lovely days of falling in love after a shaking crisis. The thing about the swimming pool is heartbreaking.

How I just love this house...
The mix between ordinary and bizarre is the biggest quality of this movie for me. How close the strangers features of life are. The choice of just a few characters, small environments was another good alternative here. The crescent sense of something very wrong going on adds to the suspense, while we still are having fun with Duplass' struggles. Poor guy, he was right all the time (and the title is a hint of the matter here).

Today, writing about it, I have a smile on my face, always a favorable point. I'm so happy when this kind of movie fall on my lap unexpectedly. The joys of the magic shuffle :)

The One I love. Directed by Charlie McDowell. Cast: Mark Duplass, Elizabeth
Moss, Ted Danson. Writer: Justin Lader. USA, 2014, Dolby Digital, Color, 91 min. (Netllix).

PS: I had a familiar feeling during this movie, and I think it was because Duplass Brothers also produce Your Sister's Sister, a movie that I simply loved on a similar moody day. I becoming a fan, Duplasses.

PPS: Just for the record: it's been exactly 2 months since my epic fall from the stairs...

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