The Discovery (April, 18)

I chose The Discovery by chance on Netflix. It looked like a small nice Sci-fi, with an interesting cast and story. It was that and a little bit more.

I've read many angry comments from people that are mad with the movie for different reasons. Some say it doesn't live up to its promising beginning, others question the religious aspects presented in the plot. Despite the rage being predictable, I was bummed by all the bad ratings. I wasn't expecting much  from this movie, and it ended up as a pleasant (even if melancholic) surprise. The film touches some big and small issues in one's life by a suspenseful, delicate, intriguing way. 

I don't agree about Jason Segel bad acting here. He is not an actor that calls my attention, but his subdued manner here is fit to his character. Rooney Mara I love, and she is good here, captivating. Robert Redford is a good addition - its great seeing him always, even if in small or not so interesting roles. The cast here was a part of the dreamy (kind of nightmarish) atmosphere of a world devastated by a scientific discovery that should look as a comfort at first, but was more like a plague. 

The closeness to important matters in life is incredible in this Sci-fi flick. Each line brings something that transcends the fantasy of the plot, as commonly in a good work of fiction. I liked particularly when Will reflects that there's not a reset point in life (or death), for we will always be turning around the same struggles. No matters the place, we'll still be dealing with our problems. It is an important thought taking under consideration the role of suicide in this movie. 

I thought at some moment how the whole  love story bit  was unnecessary. However, as the final credits started to roll on the screen, I realized how fundamental it is. The thing is that it is played very soberly, without much fuss, and it is like it would be not a great thing. It is, as happens in our lives. Sometimes we're not aware of its role in our every move, but it the base of our actions - along with pain, resentment (which makes a big cameo in here), rage... I know. But at the end, it is love that prevails, undoubtedly. 

The Discovery. Directed by Charlie McDowell. Cast: Jason Segel, Rooney Mara, Robert
Redford. Writers: Justin Lader, Charlie McDowell. USA, 2017, Color, 102 min. (Netflix).

PS: About love, resentment and all the things we should take under consideration with so much care in our lives, in order to let some ot them go, I always think about Perfect Sense, a film that I simply adore. It summarizes the world today for me. 

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