The Station Agent (April, 23)

The Station Agent arouses that kind of giddy love that only such lovely movies can achieve.  It was love at first sight, with pink hearts floating around me. I was so happy, so enchanted... what a marvelous trip.

Oh, look at all the lonely people. How amazing we are. 

The characters here are such a gem, alluring, weird, lost, captivating. The smile on my face kept on going strongly the whole time, so amazed by how effortless Peter Dinklage, Patricia Clarkson, Bobby Cannavale (Joe is a wonder by himself) and the little Raven Goodwin make it looks. They're exquisite in their weirdness and solitude, you'll want to be part of their troupe. Michelle Williams makes a small cameo here, as another lost soul finding her kindred spirits. I was raising my hand, expectantly trying to ask if I could be walk with them.

Peter Dinklage I noticed for the first time in Death at a Funeral, the most hysterically funny movie I've ever seen in the theater (and I've seen many, as Welcome back, Mr McDonalds). I don't care much for GoT (sorry), but as a whole I find him very attractive, really interesting. In here, he is really alluring, a lonely soul with whom I usually connect easily. His expressions say so much, it is a treat. 

Again, I was astounded by how somethings have evolved. The reactions of a small (and big) town to a dwarf was so dreadful, I couldn't believe. It is not by chance Fin prefers to be absolutely alone. Until he finds amazingly crazy people with big scars that insist in running over him with their car or giving him free cafe con leche (not lattes, be aware). 

My soul is still smiling, full of floating little hearts. 

The Station Agent. Directed and written by TomMacCarthy. Cast: Peter Dinklage,
Patricia Clarkson, Bobby Cannavale. USA, 2003, Dolby Digital, Color, 93 min.

PS: I can hardly wait to see this movie again, it is so lovely. Actually, I've been observing that a movie directed and written by the same person has from the start great potentials. 

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