Eagle vs Shark (April, 10)

After an afternoon out at the shopping with family, I was so, so tired that it was one of those nights in which I ask my self why-oh-why I thought this dare would be a good idea.

Well, it was the best of ideas, giving sense and purpose to a very ugh time. 

In days like these, I try to find a movie that I know will take out of a foul mood or extreme tiredness. My choice was, this way, a movie from a director that has been surprising me a lot the last couple of months, Taika Waititi. Eagle vs Shark was his first adventure on features. Maybe for that it is sweeter and quieter than his other films. It is funny, fierce, ironic still, don't get me wrong. However, Lily is such a sweet main character, she imprints herself on this. It is more true when we consider that Loren Taylor is the screenplay co-writer. 

Jarrod... well, about him I'm not sure, he is so obnoxious. He is nos just awkward or a misfit. He has tunnel vision regarding himself and the rest of the world. Despicable, to say the least. His family background is not an excuse, I think. His best feature is Lily, who fell for him I don't know why - as if there's a reason in falling in love. Stupid heart. The usual suspects, as Waititi himself and the incredible Rachel House (both much less hysterical here). Lily's brother is sheer joy, I loved him so much. It is his one of the usual incredible pop culture references by Waitit, one of the greatest I've ever seen (too close to my heart :). In his answering machine, there was this message: 

"Hello. This is Bond, James Bond. I'm away on a mission for Her Majesty's Secret Service. Please leave a message. Shaken not stirred".

Too good :) (I've ever thought it was the opposite, btw).

Eagle vs Shark. Directed by Taika Waititi. Cast:Loren Taylor, Jemaine Clement,
Rachel House. Writers: Taika Waititi; Loren Taylor. New Zealand, 2007, Dolby
Digital/DTS, Color, 93 min.

PS: I wonder if Clarice Falcão is aware that she has a kiwi twin in Lily (not Loren Taylor, who is very different from her character);


  1. Haha I want this! I need this. It's so nice just to read about it, it brings me lots of excitement to see this film featuring so many people that we so quickly grew to love, they're so talented and really captivating. I can't wait to fall in love with Lily and I'm curious to see how obnoxious Jarrod really is :)

    [ j ]

    1. Jarrod... ugh! Tell me what you thought about this Taika's flick when we see it :)