Life (April, 20)

In order to understand my state of mind regarding Life, you have to bring out all the swearing you are acquainted to. For real.


I'm grateful for my lack of ambition in being a movie critic, because I would have blown up all my qualifications just with this post.

However, the goal here is to expose my feelings about the experience with movies in the form of comments, for whom it may concern (I cannot imagine there would be someone beyond my closest friends, but the staggering numbers are maybe proving me wrong - or it is the blogger statistics fault).

Well, the graphic reaction above was my thoughts at the last scene. While the final credits were rolling down, I looked at my niece Mari, who too kindly took me  to the movies once again, and let out a loud: WTF. I doubt there's so many other ways of reacting to this movie.

Mari was all    \,,/(*_*)\,,/

Is it any good? I think so. Too damn good, actually. Despite all the bad comments about it, the movie is spectacularly well executed, being worthy of its references - both the most obvious one and the small others. I'm crazy about Gravity, and was so pleased to see it represented here in many aspects. There's a scene in which I almost told Jake Gyllenhaal: oh, how George Clooney-y of you :)

The biggest reference is clearly omnipresent. We know what is about to happen in that space ship just because of it. We've seen it before, but in a different manner. And it is the way of doing something we already know with competency and brilliant skill the greatest achievement of this Sci-Fi Horror Thriller (to refer to all the genres appointed by imdb.com :). The kind of tension we were submitted to during the whole duration of this film is something just a few productions can achieve. The camera movements create such an atmosphere, when we see, we're catch by what is happening in desbelief - the same we can identify on the characters' face. It is Sci-fi, an alien movie, and everything is so real, so close... I almost had a heart attack, for real.

Direction is brilliant, the characters are solid - they're people. Everybody's human, but no one is stupid, as we see in many movies of this kind. They are a great team doing the best they can, until it is not enough anymore. Performances are equally solid, collaborating to a amazing and never wrecking entertainment.

Mari and I, we're have the same genes of reverie... It is not unusual for us to not pay attention to ordinary details that are staring us just on the face. Let's say, for example, the movie's poster. When we left the theater in astounding amazement, I inquired to her how we did miss that. It was for the best, because we had no idea what that movie was about, and the crescent unexpected horrifying events were a very effective way of being scary. I couldn't ask for a better time on this day.


Life. Directed by Daniel Espinosa. Cast> Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Fergnson,
Ryan Reynolds. Writers: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick. USA , 2017, Dolby
Surround 7.1/Auro11.1/Dolby Digital/Dolby Atmos/DTS (all the best Sci-fi rely
on a great sound design), Color,, 104 min. (Cinema).

PS: There's a rumour that Life is a prequel for a 2018 movie named Venom.  It makes sense and it is even expected, after that wtf ending.

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