Day 178: HeartBreaker (Sepetember, 3)

From the first scene of HeartBreaker (L'arnacoeur), I realized that I was in front of an special movie. Its pace is captivating, clever, fast. It is gripping from the beginning, and things get even better, when it becomes a kind of romantic and comic version of misison impossible.

This comedy is so good, I laughed so much and that even the piggy laugh made an appearance (thanks God I was alone). Some scenes I had to rewind, they were so funny and unexpected. Romain Duris, that for me is still the guy from L'augerbe Espagnole, 2002, is the soul of this movie.  His attempt to cry is so funny, that I still laugh when remembering it. But he is not alone here, and the whole cast is a reason why this romantic comedy is so surprising. 

This was the third movie starring François Damiens that I've seen here in OMAD - the others were La Délicatesse and La Famille Bélier. I'm a fan already. He is a versatile actor, with a great timing for comedy, and I'm looking forward to see other of his films. When I saw him in this movie, I was again pleasantly surprised. And it was not for nothing, because  he was responsible for the my more hysterical laughs in this movie. Good timing, by the way, is a big secret here. Event he more absurd scenes make sense. 

This way, one more time I saw myself having to chose something to watch late at night, when I was tired and not in the mood for a movie at all. Magic Shuffle saved the day again, and I was so engrossed by HeartBreaker that I even rewind some scenes to see it again. 

Incredibly good, it made me forget my sleepiness and impatience to watch a movie. At the end, I was really happy for having seen it. A true delight :)

HeartBreaker (L'arnacoeur). Directed by Pascal Chaumeil. Writers: Laurent
Zeitoun, Jeremy Doner,Yoann Gromb from the original idea by Laurent
Zeitoun. France/Monaco, 2010, 103 min., DTS/Dolby Digital, Color (Netflix).