Day 186: Collateral (September, 11)

Tom Cruise played two bad guys on his career, and I was talking just about that with my niece Fla after we saw him as a villain earlier this week. So, on this day, I reached him in another of his bad guy performances in Collateral.

Yes, I know. How I haven't seen it before? Also just like Interview With the Vampire, I've saw some scenes, knew about the plot, but hadn't seen it as a whole. Tom Cruise used to be a reason to not see a movie, but I'm trying to let this go, this  has been a futile prejudice (as usual). His last movies have been good, entertaining, especially the sci-fi productions as Oblivion, 2013, and Edge of Tomorrow, 2014.

But a name should have been enough to break all the fears about Collateral, and that's Michael Mann. I absolutely love his Miami Vice, 2006. Confronting this two movies, 2 years apart, we can identify that what turned out to be outstanding on the last one was already presented on Collateral, his first experience shooting in HD. The lack of a title sequence puts the viewer right into the action - it is more apparent on Miami Vice, but it works nicely here too. The quality of night shooting is a Mann's trademark too. And as usually happens to me when in front of a outstanding action movie, I was really bummed for not seeing it at the theater. Prejudices are useless, really.

Tom Cruise with grey hair and a still not so famous Jamie Foxx are great together. Their perfect timing, a clever editing, the fast pace and the suspense presented even by the most quiet scenes turns this two hour production in a kind of a roller coaster experience.

Collateral.Directed by Michael Mann. With: Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx,  Jada
Pinket Smith, Mark Ruffalo. Writer: Stuart Beattie. USA, 2004, 120 min.,
DTS/Dolby Digital/SDDS, Color, (DVD). 

PS: The tale of how Stuart Beattie had the idea for this story and sold his script is interesting, and its available on imdb.com trivia.  Some subtle details that add to the movie's atmosphere are explained on it too.

PPS: Gossip time and a funny coincidence: It was only on this day that I've read about James Foxx and Katie Holmes relationship. She would start dating Cruise one year after this movie. The universe is odd sometimes, especially the dating Hollywood world.


  1. Yes, this one presents a good plot, I remember enjoying it a lot. Nice action film. And there's Mark Ruffalo in it, which also makes me happy.

    Can I just say something? You should definitely watch Interview with the Vampire. Oh my goodness, just do it.
    And while you're at this Tom Cruise spree, go ahead and do yourself a huge favor and watch Minority Report, if you haven't. Gee, just bloody do it!! ASAP!

    One last thing: what's this I read of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes being a couple? Never heard that before. It's even hard to imagine, really.

    [ j ]

    1. I've watched Interview with the Vampire on Day 182! Actually, even with my sort of prevention against Tom Cruise, I've watched almost of all his movies. Minority Report is really good, I've saw it at a movie theater. Edge of Tomorrow and Interview were the last two remaining, among the ones I want to watch, course (No way i'll see Rock of Ages).

      Have you seen Miami Vice? It'a amazing too, Michael Mann on his best.

      I don't know about the gushing stuff, but there's some information here about the unexpected romance: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3081624/Katie-Holmes-tells-Jamie-Foxx-loves-gushes-constantly-two-years-secret-romance-began.html