Day 201: Snowpiercer (September, 26)

A few weeks ago, the movie wizard Malu told me about Snowpiercer, saying that I should see it immediately, not without advising that the movie is extremely violent. Some time after, the also amazing Joe told me the same, and so this film was under my radar for a while. Unfortunately, I've missed it on the cinema, but was able to reach it on this day. 

The image here is this: a strong hand gripped by my bowels and dragged me through one of the most accurate pictures of the world that cinema has ever presented to me. I was bleeding and bawling in despair. Because I agree one hundred percent with the idea that we have only two options nowadays: to be conformed to a perverse worldly system or blow it without mercy in order to save at least one human being.

My niece and good friend Fla has developed a routine regarding this dare: every week or so she sends me a sms asking if I had watched the day's movie yet and she can see it with me. She embraced OMAD in such a sweet way that I'm always grateful for her company. On this day, she was ok with my suggestion to watch  Snowpiercer and embark in such a painful journey with me. Mostly, she could respect that I was becoming more and more wary at each minute of this outstanding production and narrative. Adding to my bleeding heart and destroyed guts, I could not even say a word at the last half of this film. I was too mesmerize for what was in front of me and its accuracy to even speak or socialize. I apologize to her for that, knowing that she understands how I cannot avoid to be too disturbed by a movie. 

Because there's no better way to discuss life as art - specially cinema for me. What this movie talks about goes beyond its apparent gross scenes and amazing cinematography even. This production is impeccable, featuring a cast that amazes us at each scene. I never thought I would see Chris Evans in such an intense role. Tilda Swinton delivers all the time, and even then she can surprises us. Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Octavia Spencer, Ah-Sung Ko and the other actors that give life to these futuristic view of our actual world convey so much that I'm not able to describe it. I can only say how they gripped me in a way that made it impossible to turn my back to what I was seeing even for a few seconds. 

I was and still am feeling sick. Only extremely bad or genial movies can do that to us. In this case, it was an outstanding production, with a spot on daring view about the world today. To think that even rebel actions are a mainstream instrument is a blow that can surely kill us. It was no surprise then that I'm still feeling choked by this incredibly actual and accurate Sci-fi.

Snowpiercer. Directed Joon-ho Bong. With: Chris Evans, John Hurt, Tilda
Swinton, Jamie Bell. Writers: Joon-ho Bong, Kelly Masterson base on Le
, by Jacques Lob et Al. South Korea/Czech Republic/USA/
France, 2013, 126 min., Dolby Digital, Black and White/Color (DVD). 

PS: I've read some comments on imdb.com trashing this movie pretty hard. I understand that its aesthetics is not for everybody, even if for me it is nothing but brilliant. However, I could not grasp all the annoying questioning of some facts. Many reviewers questioned the possibility of a world surviving on a train. Well, people, that's Sci-fi for you. I'm not saying that it should be absurd or incongruent, but science fiction is skillful in talking about current matters by some impossible features, and that's some of its most amazing aspects actually. Because, being a bit far from what would be factually possible to our time, it adresses beautifully the most pressing matters of current life, as Snowpiecer does in such a striking way. 


  1. I was talking to a friend last week and he was telling me how the comic book this film was based on is so amazing and how he thought the movie adaptation was rubbish. I told him I never read the comic book, but that I liked the film. And now, reading your review, it reminded me of how much I enjoyed it and it made me want to see it again. And I had the same feeling about Chris Evans being cast for the main role, it was a good fit. I love how graphic the film is because it's really there to push the narrative to another level, it's not gratuitious. And Tilda Swinton is superb in her role. Just amazing.

    Now Dri, I've been meaning to share a movie suggestion with you since yesterday, when I watched it – since we're on the topic of Chris Evans. I was bored and finally decided to give a chance to his movie debut as a Director. It's called "Before we go", and it came out last year.
    Remember when you told me to watch Last night, and I didn't ask anything and just did as you suggested, and I totally loved it because it was a super cute, interesting, deep, delicate story? Well, this is my way of repaying you for the favor. Whenever you feel like going for a film with a similar vibe (and dare I say, somehow even a bit cuter and deeper, more relatable and captivaing than Last night), give "Before we go" a shot. I'm positive you'll like it. I'm still in love with it, and there were so many lines and facts in the story I was crazy about. So yea, add that one to your watchlist ASAP.


    [ j ]

    1. I'm looking forward to see Before We Go - and I haven't read anything about it. Thanks again and always, Joe!

      Jeez, if Snowpiercer the movie is a poor version of the graphic novel... I can't imagine anything like that, actually. I thought the movie was just perfect. But graphic novels are powerful, and I imagine just how good this one must be. I will look for the comic book soon!

  2. Forgot to mention that one of the writers of "Before we go" is the same guy who wrote "My best friend's wedding". Just one of my all time favorites :)

    [ j ]