131: Advantageous (july, 18)

The magic shuffle is still on :)

The lucky browsing of Netflix movies worked again beautifully with Advantageous, about which I didn't know much. I started to see it while eating dinner, and soon had to stop, get through my lasagna, tuck myself thoroughly on my blanket, rewind the first scenes and start it over again. Because from the start I realised since the very beginning of this small indie movie that it would require my total attention. A movie that looks like, by its production, as a very personal project. 

To stress the same key over and over again, SciFi can really talk about life in a way that can stun us with its accuracy. Through near future settings and improbable technologies we can envision our own present. By highlighting our main social features in futuristic fictional societies, we see clearly our own time. 

Advantageous does that in a stunning, heartbreaking and precise way. How women can never be sure of their place on society, how they have to actually raise their kids alone is staggering here. And what a mother has to do in order to give a better chance to her daughter leads us to a deeper silence through every scene, until the very end... when, again, we can hope for better days. But still in an impossibly sad scenery - because the loss is irreversible. Too beautiful, too sad, shocking and yet incredibly hopeful.  

Advantageous. Directed by Jennifer Phang. With: Jacqueline Kim, Samantha
Kim, Freya Adams. Writers: Jacqueline Kim, Jennifer Phang. US, 2015, Color (Netflix).

PS: Magic Shuffle is how Joe calls my lucky while looking for films in Netflix.

PPS: Fragment: Despicable Me 2, 2013.

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