Day 130: Ant-Man (July, 17)

"I'm the Ant-Man... Yeah, I know".

This line summarizes the initial disbelief about this new Marvel segment. The movies are usually outstanding, but the first reaction to this new one is doubt. It doesn't help that Paul Rudd looks like an impromptu hero. But this movie is not usual in many aspects, and its cast is just one of them. 

Despite a slow beginning, Ant-Man has stunning moments, and the outcome is good after all. The usual Marvel puzzle got another interesting piece, and it is never too much to stay till the very end. 

It is inevitable to think how many tiny things happen in the world that has a great impact but we cannot see it. In this sense, the movie is genius - the Little Thomas scene is clever and funny, for example.

I saw the dubbed version (I was with my niece and nephew) in a crowded cinema, not my idea of a nice screening (except for the kids :), but even this way I could enjoy the movie. And the Avengers' funny cameo. And the amusing "lip sync" tales (it is pretty good). At the end, it was a cool movie actually. 

An early PS: The movie begins with a scene in 1989. Michael Douglas looks younger (He was digitally rejuvenated). Even if it is an impressive work, it was surreal when someone found fit to comment: Wow, he's looking really good! Oh, ok. Unbelievable. 

Ant-Man. Directed by Peyton Reed. With: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas,
Evangeline Lilly. Writers: Edgar Wright et al. from the comic book by
Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby. US, 2015, 117 min., Datasat/Dolby
Digital/SDDS/Dolby Atmos, Color (CInema).

PS: Fragments: The Big Wedding, 2013 (ugh); Innerspace, 1987 (I love this movie);  The Matrix, 1999 (Still surprising).

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