Day 114: Restless (July, 1st)

On the last almost four months, a system has been created by chance, one that works beautifully, and I hope that it continues this way till the day 365.

When I'm not in the mood for seeing or even choosing a movie for the day, I ask - to whom or what I really don't know, maybe the Cinema Gods - for a good movie. This request has payed of now for 5 or 6 times, and on day 114 it proved that it is an absolutely good system.

The first movie I saw announced on Netflix when I turned on the TV was Restless, that I've never heard about. It looked good,though, so the 2011 Gus Van Sant movie it was. The surprise and delight that the other movies that I chose by chance in a day that seemed to have no space for films was there, amplified by one zillion.

Restless is enchanted. And enchanting. That's it. And it has the same floating fantasy of a animated movie, or a book that we carry close to our heart for live. It's a story with no strings to irony, sarcasm, criticism. It is too busy telling a sweet and heartfelt  tale about loss and love through delicate, yet strong colors. We are constantly blown away by the two main characters, especially Enoch, in a performance that is the movie itself, as presented by Henry Hopper. His silent expressions convey so much, it is difficult to describe. 

Everything in this small artistic movie, with echoes of the Nouvelle Vague, by an impressive director is woven in a delicate way to talk about lives that know pain and loss and sadness. The playful and charming and sad characters, the beautiful cinematography, the amazing soundtrack. This way,  as it is always constant in this kind of movie, there's a lot of pain, here disguised behind quiet characters, but we can also envision hope and a way to deal with the most painful aspects of life. 

At the end, in tears, yet with a dancing heart, I was absolutely in love. And grateful again for being so lucky.

Restless. Directed by Gus Van Sant. With: Henry Hopper, Mia Wasikowska,
Riô Kase. Writer: Jason Lew. US, 2011, 91 min., Dolby Digital/DTS/SDDS,
Color (Netlix).

PS: The first song in this movie got me right into it; the last, said goodbye in a moving way. The first one I won't tell which is - you probably know it and it will be a nice surprise and a good way to get inside the story. But I must talk about the last one, by Nico. It is The Fairest of The Seasons, beautiful and touching and blue, and a part of the equally incredible The Royal Tenenbaums, by Wes Anderson. I've already talked here about  his soundtracks, and this one follow us for a long time after the final credits. 

PPS: Since the start of this dare, there has been three movies with Mia Wasikowska here - The Double, Only Lovers Left Alive and Restless. Fortunately, she seems to be ascending, and her presence in a movie has a true impact always. 


  1. OK, I cannot wait to watch this now. The way you described how it deals with sadness and difficult aspects of life, and how it speaks of loss yet with bold colors, I'm in! I'm sold! I want this and I want it quick!
    Plus, Gus Van Sant knows a hell lot of what he's doing. The guy is good :)

    [ j ]

    1. I hope you like it :) The strong colors are presented more by the narrative and characters than by the cinematography itself... I love Van Sant, and Restless is a different movie from what we usually see from him, a delicate surprise.

    2. Yep. Tears everywhere. It's beautiful! To tell a story of loss with such bold colours, I get it now. Everything, from her red gloves laced with Enoch's fingers, to them calling each other "birdie" and how they're deal with what is to come in the near future. Last scene was lovely, and I just couldn't feel sad, it was a happy ending somehow. And that is a stellar way to tell a story of loss. Brilliant :)

      [ j ]