Day 137: Land Ho! (July, 24)

The Land Ho! synopsis on imdb.com almost kept me away from this movie (that's why I don't like reading it), its description is much less than what I saw after. But it is set in Iceland, and this fact alone held me in front of the TV from the start. And so at a quiet Friday night that had caught me in a difficult mood I reached this small precious gem.

And it was so worthy the try. Two old friends, each one in their own crossroads, see themselves traveling through Ice(dream)land. Their heartfelt friendship, the subjects they talk about, the easy manner with each other, many references to movies (I loved each one), the people they meet in their trip through the most amazing scenarios... and suddenly it was the final credits already, when I wanted to stay there with them a little longer. 

I guess this is not a movie for every taste: the companionship between Mitch and Colin is what makes it such an endearing movie, but it is quiet and focused in those two guys - what for me is always amazing to see, but that can be not so attractive for those who seek more action in a feature. Nevertheless, I assure that it is worthy a try. Mitch and Colin are good company, and joyful guides through the surreal Iceland. 

Land Ho! Directed and written by Aaron Katz, Marth Stephens. With: Earl
Lynn Nelson, Paul Eenhoorn, Karrie Crouse. Iceland/US, 2014, 95 min.,
Color (Cable TV)

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